Uniden PRO401HH Review: Fully Tested

Uniden PRO401HH Review: Fully Tested

This is a uniden pro401hh review you must read! Whether you are a trucker or simply a radio enthusiast, having access to a CB radio is a lot of fun. Not only are CB radios beneficial for entertainment, but they also can provide important information that could protect you and your family.

With this review, we will offer plenty of information to increase your interest and help you decide if this radio is right for your needs.

Although truckers are known for using CB radios, people from all walks of life use them, including those working on the job or at home talking with others. Because the Uniden PRO401HH is handheld, you can take the fun with you wherever you go.

Uniden PRO401HH Specs, Pros & Cons

  • Brand: Uniden
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Special Feature: Lightweight
  • Talking Range Maximum: 5 Mile
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Tuner Technology: VHF
  • Voltage: 9 Volts
  • Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.33 x 2.76 x 8.66 inches


  • Operates on any of the 40 CB frequencies authorized by the FCC, providing a wide range of channels for communication.
  • Features a low-power setting to conserve battery life and a high-power setting to extend range when needed.
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to operate with one hand and carry around.
  • Can use rechargeable or alkaline batteries, and the included DC power cable can also charge your AA Ni-MH batteries.
  • Uniden provides customer support through their website, email, and phone.
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Squelch and volume control
  • Noise-canceling
  • 40 channels
  • Offers low power mode to conserve battery power


  • Only for close-range communication
  • Batteries are not included with the product.
  • The product is not water-resistant.
  • The maximum talking range is 5 miles, which might not be sufficient for some users.

What Is a CB Radio?

Citizens band radios, often called CB radios, are two-way radios allowing users to communicate at short distances. CB radios operate on 40 channels that are near 27 MHz.

When most people think of CB radios, they think of those mounted in 18-wheelers. Although these remain a popular choice for truckers, there are now handheld options like the Uniden PRO401HH.

This radio gives you all the power of a larger mounted CB radio, with the handheld appeal that allows you to take it wherever you go.

Why Should You Own a CB Radio?

In the age of advanced technology, including smartphones and tablets, some people feel the old ways of communication are outdated and no longer needed. Thankfully, they could not be further from the truth!

Imagine being stuck on the side of the highway with a broken-down vehicle. You cannot get cellphone service, so how are you going to call for help? With a CB radio, you can communicate with others from anywhere.

CB radios are a cost-effective means of communication, and they do not require you to have a license like some radios. They are easy to use and enjoyable too.

What Is So Special About the Uniden PRO401HH(Features)?

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You have many choices in CB radios, including mounted and handheld, so why should you purchase the Uniden PRO401HH? Here, we will discuss some of the best and most important features of this Uniden model, to help you decide if it is worth purchasing and adding to your collection.

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Forty Channels

The Uniden PRO401HH offers 40 channels, allowing you plenty of options. All of these channels are easy to access. With one push of a button, the CB radio will begin scanning. It will stop at each channel that is offering communication, allowing you to decide if you want to listen, join in, or keep scanning.

The LCD Screen

The LCD screen on this model is a little small, but the display is bright enough and large enough that you can see which channel you are currently on. Although we wish the screen could have been a little bigger, we were happy with what was offered.

The Antenna

The antenna is detachable and does the job it should. If you are interested in upgrading the antenna, you can always purchase a stronger one, as long as it is compatible. We did not have any problems with accessing any channels.

Expandable Options

You have options for expanding your CB radio. You can use the external power connector to connect the device to your car radio or at home.

You can also connect an external speaker or microphone to the unit. With these options, you will be able to use your Uniden PRO401HH in multiple ways.

Battery Power

This radio offers 4 watts of power and complies with the FCC. Because it is FCC-compliant, it can legally cover as many channels as possible.

You also have the option of using the high power or low power button. This allows you to use the full 4 watts of power or half of that, depending on your communication needs.

The Uniden PRO1HH uses 9 AA batteries. It is wise to use high-demand alkaline batteries and keep spares with you if you will be using your radio for long periods.

You also have the option of using rechargeables, which we would highly recommend.


No, this radio does not have RF Gain Control, but that does not matter. It comes with other noise-canceling options that help you receive and send crystal clear transmissions.

For instance, it offers Automatic Gain Control, which pretty much does what RF Gain Control does. The main difference is the radio controls the gain automatically, without the user needing to do anything.

NOAA Weather Alerts

Many people get CB radios because they want to stay informed when severe weather events strike. This CB radio, like most others, gives users access to NOAA Weather Alerts so they can take action when needed to protect themselves and those they love.

Parts of the Uniden PRO1HH

We want you to be aware of the parts of this radio so you will have an insider’s edge on what to expect.

  • The belt clip is detachable. You can clip this radio to your belt and have it on hand when you need it.
  • The battery compartment is on the back of the unit and offers easy access when you need to change the batteries.
  • The Push to Talk button is on the left side of the radio. This allows you to transmit communications.
  • The antenna jack is on the top left and allows you to attach or remove your antenna.
  • The squelch knob is located right beside the antenna jack. This knob lets you adjust the level of sensitivity for suppressing weak signals.
  • The channel up/down button is located on the left side and allows you to scroll through the different channels.
  • The volume control is also the power control. It is located on the top right side.
  • The microphone is located on the very front of the radio, just under the LCD display. This is where you talk into the radio to transmit.
  • The speaker jack allows you to connect to an external speaker. (This is not included.)
  • The microphone jack allows you to connect to an external speaker. (This is not included.)
  • The external power jack allows you to use an external power source, even your car’s battery.
  • The transmit power switch allows you to choose a power level for your transmissions.

As you can see, there are many parts to this compact handheld CB radio. Thankfully, Uniden designed this unit well, and it is very user-friendly.

What Will You Find in the Box?

It Is exciting opening a new box of merchandise and seeing what is inside. The Uniden PRO1HH includes everything you need to get started right away. In the box, you will find the following.

  • One Uniden PRO401HH CB radio
  • One detachable antenna
  • One DC power adapter
  • One Belt clip
  • One Wrist wrap
  • Owner’s and instruction manuals

When you get your Uniden PRO401HH CB radio, make sure to read the instructions and owner’s manuals in their entirety. Familiarize yourself with the placement of all the controls so you will be ready to operate your unit with ease.

Why Do You Need the Uniden PRO401HH CB Radio?

You have a lot of options to choose from, so why do you need this model? Below, you will see our list of some top reasons this is a CB radio every enthusiast should own.

  • This little gem is one of the most affordable handheld CB radios.
  • It offers all the features you would expect, cased in a user-friendly package.
  • This radio can be used at home, on the go, or even in your car.
  • This radio is highly compact and portable. Its dimensions are 2.75″ L x 4.33″ W x 8.66″ H.
  • This Uniden PRO401HH offers the perfect range for close-contact communication at 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz.
  • This Uniden model is compatible with both alkaline and rechargeable batteries, so you always have power options.

Helpful Tips for Using a CB Radio

As we stated before, a CB radio does not require any license to operate. It is covered under Part 95 of the FCC rules. There is no age requirement for operating a CB radio. The only exclusions are as follows.

  • Foreign governments or their representatives cannot operate a CB radio.
  • You cannot operate a CB if you have received a Cease-and-Desist order from the FCC.
  • Channels are never assigned to any specific person or organization. You can use all 40 channels, with two stipulations. First, you can only use Channel 9 for emergencies. Second, you must stop all transmissions if an emergency one comes on the channel.
  • You can operate a CB on AM and SSB mode.
  •  CBs are intended for local use in the short range only.
  • CB etiquette is important. Because the channels are shared by all users, you must never hold a conversation for over five minutes on a single channel, and you must wait at least one minute before you start another communication.

It is also important to learn the proper lingo, so you can communicate effectively. If you remember the above, you will be ready to enjoy your Uniden PRO401HH.

What Kind of Warranty Is Offered?

Most manufacturers stand behind their products, and Uniden is no exception. They offer a limited one-year warranty on manufacturing defects or parts. Uniden requires their customers to present a receipt when they submit a warranty claim. If damage occurs after the warranty period is up or is because of the fault of the individual, Uniden will charge for all repairs.

Should You Purchase Accessories?

Although the box comes with everything you need to get started, some people purchase accessories to make their CB radio even more enjoyable. Consider the following, offered by Uniden.

  • 15-watt and 20-watt external speakers
  • External microphone
  • Mic adapter
  • Cases
  • AC adapters

Again, these are unnecessary for using your Uniden unit, though they offer extended-use options that help people further enjoy their radios.


We love being able to answer the many questions our readers submit. We have received quite a lot of questions regarding the Uniden PRO401HH. The following are some of the most frequently asked.

Does this CB radio come with an AC wall adapter?

This unit is only sold with a DC car adapter. If you want to plug it into a wall outlet, you must purchase a DC-to-AC adapter. This adapter will allow you to charge and use your radio at home.

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth headset with this CB radio?

Unfortunately, this is not an option with this CB because it is not Bluetooth-compatible. You can, however, use an earpiece.

What is the secret to removing the antenna?

Some people have been confused about removing the antenna. It is not a typical screw-in and does not pull off. You need to first turn the antenna about a quarter turn, and then it will pull off easily.

Final Thoughts

We work tirelessly to review products for our readers, and we love passing on valuable information that makes shopping much easier. We have had buyer’s remorse before, and it is no fun to purchase an item only to find out it is not what you expected.

If you are looking for a simple CB radio that will offer you the basic features at an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with the Uniden PRO401HH.

With this uniden pro401hh review, you now know all the facts, so you can make an informed purchase. Adding this CB radio to your collection will help you stay informed and entertained.