TYT TH-9800 Review: One of the Best HAM Radios

TYT TH-9800 Review

With this TYT TH-9800 review, it is our goal to give you all the facts and help you make the best purchase decision for your needs. The TYT TH-9800 is one of the most popular ham radios available, and for good reason. It has amazing features that allow it to be user-friendly and powerful at the same time.

Whether you are new to using a ham radio or an experienced pro, you will appreciate this rig’s affordability and features. Allow us to introduce you to this model so you can be prepared to purchase with confidence.

TYT TH-9800 Specs, Pros & Cons

  • Brand: FONGHOO
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Channels: 800
  • Tuner Technology: UHF, VHF
  • Voltage: 13.8 Volts
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Item Dimensions: 5.51″D x 6.61″W x 16.34″H
  • Functionality: Cross Brand Repeater, AlphaNumeric Memory channels, CTCSS, DCS (PL & DPL), DTMF, 2 Tone, 5 Tone, ANI, Display Brightness Setting, Channel Spacing options.


  • Quad-band transmit capability allows for versatile communication.
  • Waterproof design ensures durability in various conditions.
  • Large number of memory channels for extensive programming.
  • CHIRP software compatibility makes programming easier.
  • Cross Brand Repeater functionality enhances versatility.


  • Some users might find the radio complex to program without the CHIRP software.
  • The product might be on the pricier side for some users.
  • No AM/SSB transmit capability for 10M band.

What Is a HAM Radio?

Before delving too deeply into the facts about the TYT TH-9800, you must understand what ham radio is and how it operates.

HAM radios allow for amateur communication. Anyone can listen to a HAM radio, but it takes an FCC license to transmit.

These radios offer a range of frequencies from 1.6 MHz to several hundred gigahertz. Ham transmission usually takes place one-on-one or in small groups.

HAM radios are useful for spreading information quickly during emergencies. With hundreds of thousands of amateur radio operators in the United States and millions all over the world, these radios become vital equipment when phone lines, Internet, and cellphone towers are down.

Features of the TYT TH-9800

One of the most important aspects of any product review is the features. The features are what makes this ham radio such a good buy. The following are considered some of the top features of this radio.

Quad Band Performance

If you know anything about ham radios, you know it is unheard of to see quad-band performance in this price range! The vast majority of ham radios in the price range of the TYT TH-9800 are simply dual-band radios. So, we wonder how they can continue to offer quad-band performance at such a low price!

With this radio, you have access to four bands and aircraft frequencies. You can even access 800 MHz frequencies.

Audio Performance

The audio is one of the most important aspects of any ham radio. If the audio is lacking, the radio becomes nothing more than a desk weight.

Surprisingly, the audio of the TYT TH-9800 is truly loud and clear. Most users are highly pleased with the audio, even when using the handheld microphone.

With amazing clarity, you will be able to hear all types of frequencies with ease.


The rugged design of the TYT TH-9800 makes it a favorite among ham radio enthusiasts. No user wants to have to worry about their radio becoming damaged easily. Thankfully, TYT has made this radio with a truly rugged design that will hold up to all types of abuse and operating conditions.

The dimensions of this ham radio are 5.5 x 1.6 x 6.6″, and it weighs only 2.65 pounds.

Other Important Features

Here, we will list all the important features that are available with the TYT TH-9800 ham radio. Make sure to read them all, so you will get a good idea of what makes this ham radio so amazing.

  • This ham radio offers 809 memory channels.
  • The TH-9800 offers 144-148MHz VHF frequencies.
  • This model offers 420-450MHz UHF frequencies.
  • This radio has repeater capabilities.
  • It offers a cross-band repeater option.
  • This ham radio comes with an 8-group voice scrambler.
  • This radio offers 40 watts of power with UHF and 50 watts of power with VHF.
  • You will find this radio offers priority scan.
  • There is a busy channel lockout feature.
  • This radio offers a power selectable option.
  • With this ham radio, you have access to a skip channel feature.
  • This radio also offers a dual watch option.
  • You also have access to a talk-around function.
  • This radio offers an automatic repeater shift.
  • The TH-9800 has a backlit LCD display and keypad.
  • There is a channel name edit and display option.
  • There is a keypad lockout option.
  • This radio offers a timeout timer feature.
  • When you press the buttons, you will hear audible beeps.
  • This unit offers a backlit handheld microphone.

As you can see, the TYT TH-9800 is packed with amazing features. Unfortunately, we could not list them all, so make sure to check out the product page to read more about the features and specs.

TYT TH-9800

What About the Frequency Range?

The frequency range for the TYT Th-9800 is as follows.

  • 26-33 MHz
  • 47-54 MHz
  • 144-148MHz
  • 420-450MHz

Does TYT Offer a Warranty on the TH-9800?

As with most ham radios, TYT does offer a warranty on the TH-9800. They offer a one-year limited warranty.

This warranty covers defects in parts and craftsmanship. It does not cover accidents or damage caused by improper use. Make sure to refer to the owner’s manual to ensure you know how to operate the ham radio properly.

Improper use or modifications to the radio can result in voiding your warranty. TYT will repair the TH-9800 outside of the warranty coverage period, but you will have to pay for their services.

What Is Included in the Box?

Learning what comes with the TYT TH-9800 is important for making a purchase. When you carry out your unboxing, you will find the following.

  • One TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Ham Radio
  • One DTMF Hand Microphone
  • One Mobile Mounting Bracket
  • One DC Power Cable with a Fuse Holder
  • Extra Protection Fuses
  • One Front Controller Separation Cable
  • One Front Controller Mounting Bracket
  • One Screw Pack
  • Programming Cable
  • Programming Disc
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Warranty Card (Make sure to fill out this card and mail it in!)

Accessories for the TYT TH-9800 Ham Radio

TYT does offer some accessories. These need to be purchased separately.

  • TYT Mobile Mounting Radio
  • TYT USB Driver and Programming Software Disc
  • 10 Amp Switching Power Supply
  • Antenna Trunk/Hatchback Mount
  • TYT Replacement Fuses
  • TYT Hand Speaker Microphone
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Diamond Antenna
  • TYT Front Controller Separation Cable

Some of these accessories are available to replace those that become damaged. While all of these are not needed for operation, they do enhance usability.

Pros & Cons of the TYT TH-9800 Ham Radio

As with any electronic device, there are going to be pros and cons. A balanced review should offer you all the information you need, for making a wise purchase decision. The following are the pros and cons we have discovered with this model.


  • One of the biggest pros of the TYT TH-9800 is the quad performance. You will not find another ham radio in this price range that offers more than dual-band.
  • This ham radio offers an impressive power output.
  • You will find the TH-9800 offers loud and clear audio.
  • The vast array of features this radio offers are astounding. Many of these features are typically only available on radios with a much higher price point.
  • You can use CHIRP for programming with this ham radio.
  • This ham radio is very intuitive and user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners and pros alike.
  • The TYT TH-9800 is also very durable and will hold up for many years of daily use.


  • Support could be a little better for this model.

As you can see, there are many more pros than cons. This is truly a phenomenal radio for the price, and most users who purchase it are thrilled with the way it operates.

Dual-Band Vs Quad-Band of TYT TH-9800

As we have talked about, the TYT Th-9800 offers a quad-band, while many other radios in its price range only offer dual-band. So, what is the difference?

A quad-band ham radio is one that supports four frequency bands, including the following.

  • 850 and 1900 MHz
  • 900 and 1800 MHz

If you are only using a dual-band ham radio, you are going to miss out on a lot of frequencies that you could scan with the TYT TH-9800. Typically, you would pay at least $100 more for a quad-band, but TYT offers this model at an incredible price.

Is Programming Difficult with the TYT TH-9800?

Many people have found manual programming is fairly simple on this ham radio. You do not need to have a lot of knowledge about programming radio frequencies to be able to be successful.

We cannot stress enough that it is important to read through the owner’s manual in its entirety. It is also wise to watch YouTube videos. There are hundreds available that can help you with any programming issues that may arise.

You also have the option of programming through your computer via the included cable and with the included programming disc. Most people have found this to be an easy process. If you are unsure, again, watch tutorial videos to better understand how programming works.

Tips for Caring for the TYT TH-9800

Proper care is essential for ensuring your ham radio will provide good service for many years to come. Mishandling the radio or modding it can result in voiding your warranty and should be avoided. The following tips will help to ensure your radio is cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Never use this radio outside of the recommended operating temperature range.
  • Never operate this ham radio in wet conditions.
  • Never submerge the radio in water.
  • To remove fingerprints from the display, use a soft, slightly damp cloth.
  • Never use cleaners to clean this radio.
  • If the ham radio becomes overly dusty, use a can of compressed air.

If you follow the above tips and the instructions included in the owner’s manual, you can rest assured your TYT TH-9800 will provide you with many years of excellent service.

How Do You Unlock the Frequency Ranges?

There are a few steps involved in unlocking the frequency ranges. Follow these steps in order.

  • Connect the ham radio to the included programming software and load.
  • Press CTRL and F11. You will be prompted to put in the password.
  • Edit the frequency range to the following:
  • 26-33MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
  • 47-54MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
  • 136-174MHz (RX/TX)
  • 400-480MHz (RX/TX)
  • Write to the radio.
  • Turn the radio off and then back on, and it should now be able to operate within the added frequencies.


As technical review writers, we often receive a lot of questions from our readers regarding the products we review. As always, it is our pleasure to answer them whenever we can. The following are some of the top questions we have received regarding the TYT TH-9800 ham radio.

Can you adjust the color scheme on the LCD display?

The TYT TH-9800 model has a monochrome LCD display. You cannot change the colors, but the backlight can be adjusted. Most users report having no issues seeing the display in all levels of light.

Can you use an external speaker with the TYT TH-9800?

There is an external jack that allows you to hook up an external speaker. Many people prefer using their ham radio this way, but the choice is up to you. You must choose an external speaker that will work with the jack that is located on the ham radio.

Does the faceplate of the TYT TH-9800 ham radio detach?

Yes, the faceplate does detach. The box comes with a mounting bracket for use with a detached faceplate and one for leaving it attached.

Final Thoughts

We truly enjoyed testing the TYT TH-9800 and found it to be a very powerful ham radio that is packed with features despite its compact size. If you are new to ham radioing or an old pro, you are going to appreciate the quad-band offering of this radio, especially given its price point.

In this review, you have learned a lot of information regarding this ham radio and how it functions. We have even included helpful tips that will make using the TH-9800 even more easy and more fun.

This concludes our TYT th-9800 review. As always, feel free to leave your comments or reach out to us with any questions you may have. It is our pleasure to offer you advanced information on the products we review.