Texas Ranger SRA-158 Stock Mic

Texas Ranger SRA-158 Stock Mic

Good-quality stock microphones have been almost impossible to find. Over the years, manufacturers have reduced the quality of stock mics.

Now, it’s to the point that even the old coffin-shaped mics have been cheapened to the point of not being worth buying. Only Vanco makes a decent-quality coffin-shaped mic, which isn’t what it used to be.

They were supplied with every Cobra radio in the old days, but not anymore. Cobra supplies a mic that will last an average of 3 months before the cord breaks, wires in the connector break, or the PTT switch goes bad. Ranger has changed things, and I hope it catches on and sticks for a while.

They have produced a stock microphone with excellent sound quality and a Belden look-alike cord, and it is available with a 4-pin right-angle connector. The mic has a hefty feel because it has a metal weight inside. It would be nice if the heft were due to the thickness and grade of plastic used on the housing.

But I must admit, they needed to add some weight to it as the element is light as a feather, unlike the conventional dynamic elements. It comes in 4-pin Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy/RCI and other common radio straight and right angle wiring and 5-pin Cobra/Uniden/Texas Ranger sideband radio wiring.

The Texas Ranger SRA-158 4-Pin Right Angle Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy Wiring Pictured.