Midland 1001LWX Review

Midland 1001LWX Review

Are you in the market for a new CB radio? Are you finding it confusing to look at all the different brands? If so, this Midland 1001lwx review will undoubtedly help! Here, you will find an exhaustive review that lets you know every nitty-gritty detail.

We leave nothing out. Be sure to read to the end, and you will know all there is to know about this amazing CB radio and why you should add it to your inventory.

Midland 1001LWX Specs, Pros & Cons

  • Brand: Midland
  • Color: One Color
  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Special Feature: Call Alert
  • Talking Range Maximum: 20 Mile
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Tuner Technology: UHF
  • Item Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.2 x 2.5 inches
  • Number of Batteries: 2 AA batteries required.
  • Item Weight: 0.45 Kilograms


  • Compact Design: Suitable for installation in most vehicles.
  • NOAA Weather Alert: Provides real-time weather updates, ensuring safety during travels.
  • Digital Tuning: Ensures accurate channel selection and clear communication.
  • LCD Display: Offers clear visibility of essential information.
  • Multiple Features: Includes RF Gain Control, Digital Power Meter, and Squelch Control for enhanced performance.


  • Backlight Intensity: The LCD backlight might be too bright for some users, especially during nighttime.
  • Audio Output: Some users might find the audio output to be on the lower side, especially in noisy environments.
  • Antenna Dependency: For optimal performance, an upgraded antenna might be necessary.

Why Do Truckers Need CB Radios?

Although cell phone usage now tops CB radio, many truckers still rely on this older way of communication. There are multiple reasons truckers need CB radios in their cabs. Consider the following.

  • Long hours on the road can be boring and even make truckers sleepy. To stay awake and entertained, many truckers rely on CB tramadol online next day delivery radios like the Midland 1001LWX for communicating with other truckers.
  • CBs can be used to alert other truckers of traffic and weather issues.

One of the biggest benefits of using a CB radio to communicate with other truckers is the information is sent out locally and immediately, so all who can hear the transmission can react accordingly. Now that you know why they are so important, we will delve into this review and give you all the facts.

Features of the Midland 100LWX

In this Midland 100LWX, we hope to provide you with in-depth information to help you determine if this CB radio will be a good fit for your needs.

The key features of the Midland 1001LWX CB Radio include 40 channels, digital tuning, 4-watt output for maximum communication range, NOAA Weather Scan Alert, backlit LCD display, and automatic noise limiter for improved reception.

Impressively Large Backlit Display

The display is undoubtedly an important part of the CB. Some CB radios do not have large displays. Even worse, some are not even backlit, making it impossible to view the menu and functions in low light conditions. With this large, backlit display, you will be able to view the screen under any conditions.

40-Channel Digital Tuner

With this 40-channel digital tuner, you can easily find the right channels to reach out to other truckers, find emergency information, or discover traffic issues. When you start up the CB radio, it automatically boots to channel 19, which is the most popular channel for truckers.

There is no dedicated emergency channel button, but the tuner makes it incredibly easy to get to the channel you want, quickly. You can even lock on your preferred channel, for easy access.

4-Watt Output

What good would a CB radio be if it did not have enough power to send and receive transmissions effectively? Most truckers would consider it good for nothing other than the trash.

Thankfully, this Midland 100LWX has the perfect power output level, without taking up too much battery power. This is ideal for long-haul truckers who are on the road a lot and do not want to worry about losing battery power.

Digital Power Meter

We love how Midland included a digital power meter that is easy to see. It tells you the incoming signal strength, so you can decide if you need to further tune for better audio quality. To do this, you can use the RF gain, squelch control, or noise limiter.

Squelch Control

Squelch control is incredibly important for using a CB radio. It helps to reduce that hissing noise and unwanted background noises that can sometimes transmit through the CB. Using squelch control helps to ensure each transmission is as crystal clear as possible.

Full-Sized Microphone

Midland has provided a nice full-sized microphone that offers clear sound. You will also find this microphone can be removed easily, so you can swap it out with any other compatible model.

The microphone is pushed to talk and connects to the front of your radio with a magnet. With this feature, your microphone is only activated when you press the button.

PA Function

With the PA function, you can easily toggle back and forth between normal CB operations and public addresses. You can use the PA function with an external speaker, making it possible to address crowds or passersby. We really enjoyed using this feature at the truck stops.

Weather Scan

If you are a truck driver or simply love going on cross-country trips, you know the importance of being aware of the weather at all times. During certain times of the year, dangerous weather issues can arise, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere.

This CB radio has a built-in weather tracker. This tracker automatically connects to the NOAA weather radio and updates you with the current weather conditions.

This Midland radio also has a weather spotter. It alerts truckers of any hazardous weather conditions that may be in their immediate or surrounding area. It warns you of imminent dangers that may be in your path on the road.

Adjustable RF Gain

RF gain is integral for being able to hear transmissions as clearly as possible. You can think of it much like a filter for excess noise. Midland has included a powerful and effective adjustable RF gain.

This feature allows you to pick up even the weakest of signals and make them stronger. It also increases the strength of stronger signals, making them clearer.

You will not need to use RF gain if the signal is fairly close, but if you are trying to pull in a signal from a greater distance, this feature will make it much easier. We would not purchase a CB radio without adjustable RF gain!

Noise Limiter

Many people are really happy to find out this Midland model has an automatic noise limiter. Without you having to do a thing, this limiter automatically reduces background noise and static, making your transmissions much clearer.

With the automatic noise limiter, you will not hear that annoying humming. It also reduces sounds from your engine, traffic, gauges, and more. This will be an especially important feature during emergencies.

Front Panel Features

Multiple feature buttons and knobs allow you to access the controls that make using this CB radio much easier and even fun. Let’s run through the list of the button functions you will find on the front of the CB radio.

  • WX Scan–If you push this button only one time, it will connect you to the weather scan mode. Push it twice, and you will be in the CB/PA mode.
  • ANL OFF & ON-You can press this button once to turn on the noise limiter function. Press it again to turn this feature off.
  • CB/PA-When you toggle this button, you can operate the PA function through an external speaker or in CB mode, the microphone will speak into the transmitter.
  • Microphone connector-This is where you plug in the microphone.
  • Volume Knob-Turn this knob clockwise to turn on the radio and adjust the volume.
  • RF Gain-Turn this knob clockwise to increase gain and counter-clockwise to reduce the gain.
  • Squelch-Turn this knob clockwise to increase the sensitivity of the squelch.
  • The Antenna connection-This port connects to any standard 50-Ohm CB antenna.
  • External speaker jack-This is where you will connect an external speaker.
  • PA jack-This allows you to connect to an external speaker to communicate with people close to your truck.
  • Power cord-The cord comes with a connection of a two-amp fuse.

Pros and Cons of the Midland 1001LWX

As we have stated often, no CB radio is going to be perfect, and this Midland 1001LWX is no exception. Consider the following if you are thinking about purchasing this model.


  • This Midland is fairly inexpensive compared to many other CB radios on the market.
  • It is also more compact, allowing you to fit this radio in cramped spaces.
  • The features are simple and straightforward to use.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Excellent voice output
  • Easy channel scanning and locking
  • Many features available that you would find on more expensive CB radios


  • This radio does not come with a built-in SWR meter.

Specifications of the Midland 1001LWX

  • This CB radio weighs 1.6 pounds.
  • The measurements of this radio are 4.5 X 1.75 X 1.75 inches.
  • The color of this radio is black.
  • It offers 40 channels.
  • This CB radio requires 2 AA batteries.
  • The power of this radio is 4 watts.
  • The audio output of this radio is 3 watts and 8 ohms.
  • The default channel on this CB is 19.
  • The frequency range of this Midland model is 26.965 – 27.405 MHz.
  • The speaker is built-in.
  • The selectivity of this radio is 45 dB + 1000uV.

What Will You Find in the Box of Midland 1001LWX?

Knowing what is in the box is beneficial for helping you to be prepared for your purchase. The following are what you can expect to find in the box.

  • One CB radio
  • Owner’s manual
  • Detachable microphone
  • Mounting bracket and hardware

What Accessories Do You Need For the Midland 1001LWX?

There are some CB radio accessories you may want to purchase for your Midland. Though they are not required, they do add to the fun of using this CB.

  • Case or cover
  • External PA speaker
  • External SWR meter

What About the Power Consumption of the Midland 1001LXW?

Most truckers are very careful about their power consumption. They do not want to get stuck without power because they have over-used their source.

Because this is a lower-wattage CB radio, it does not require a lot of battery power to work efficiently and for long periods. This CB radio does come with two AA batteries. Many truckers use rechargeable batteries and keep a spare, so they always have battery power on hand.

How to Mount Your New Midland 1001LXW

Mounting a Midland CB radio is not difficult at all. If you follow these steps, you will find it easy to mount your radio and have it up and running in no time at all.

  • You can use the mounting bracket as a template to mark where you want to install your new CB radio. You can mark the screw locations using a sharp object.
  • Next, you will need to drill holes where you marked for your screws. You will only need to drill about 1/8-inch. Make sure you do not over-drill. Attach the mounting bracket to the installation area using the included screws.
  • Line up the unit with the mounting bracket, between the arm and retention knobs.
  • Make sure to put the rubber washers in place between the retention knob and the main unit. Then, you will simply need to tighten the buy soma online usa retention knob to the correct tension.
Midland 1001LWX Question


We get a lot of questions about the products we review on this site, and we certainly enjoy passing on valuable answers to our readers. If you ever want to ask a question, please submit it, and we could feature it in one of our next reviews. The following are some of the most common questions we have received about the Midland 1001LXW.

What are the primary features of the Midland 1001LWX CB radio?

The Midland 1001LWX offers an impressively large backlit display, a 40-channel digital tuner, 4-watt output, a digital power meter, squelch control, full-sized microphone, PA function, weather scan, adjustable RF gain, and an automatic noise limiter.

Why is the CB radio still essential for truckers despite the prevalence of cell phones?

CB radios, like the Midland 1001LWX, are vital for truckers because they offer immediate local communication, alerting other truckers of traffic and weather issues. They also serve as a source of entertainment and a means to stay awake during long hours on the road.

How does the weather scan feature of the Midland 1001LWX work?

The Midland 1001LWX has a built-in weather tracker that automatically connects to the NOAA weather radio, updating users with current weather conditions. It also features a weather spotter that alerts users of hazardous weather conditions in their vicinity.

What are the front panel features of the Midland 1001LWX?

The front panel includes buttons and knobs for WX Scan, ANL OFF u0026amp; ON, CB/PA toggle, microphone connector, volume adjustment, RF gain, and squelch control. It also has ports for the antenna connection, an external speaker jack, a PA jack, and a power cord.

How can users clean and maintain the Midland 1001LWX?

To clean the Midland 1001LWX, use a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe away fingerprints. Avoid using chemical cleansers. A can of compressed air can be used to blow out any accumulated dust. When not in use, covering the unit is recommended to prevent dust build-up.

How do you clean the Midland 1001LXW?

Cleaning this unit is not difficult at all. When not in use, you can keep a cover on it to prevent dust build-up. Never use any chemical cleansers. Always use a soft cloth that is only slightly damp to wipe away fingerprints. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust that may accumulate on your unit.

What tools are needed for installing the CB radio?

You will need a pocket knife or other sharp object, a drill, and a wrench to install your new CB radio from Midland. Make sure to follow the mounting instructions above.

Can I hook my CB radio up to a roof antenna for home use?

You can hook this CB radio to an external roof antenna, but it would be wise to check with Midland for compatibility before you start. You must ensure the antenna will not cause any problems with surges or poor reception and transmission.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know all the nitty-gritty details about this CB radio. With this Midland 1001lwx review, you should now be armed with the necessary information to help you make a wise purchase. The Midland 1001LWX is packed with features at a truly affordable price.