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The Anttron Story By F. Kukura In 1961 Frank J. Kukura Jr. and his father formed Kem-tron Industries specializing in manufacturing power supplies, frequency counters, Interceptor 100, Thunderbolt 305, RoadRunner 150 and many other products including antenna electronics like coaxial switch boxes, Ham and CB Base antennas, and fiberglass mobile whips. The coaxial switch box was named the Anttron AS-3. In the 1980's a partnership was formed with another company. We manufactured Antron Antennas for the CB trade. A new base antenna with tuning rings was introduced for the CB band. In 1991 the partnership was dissolved and Anttron was reborn. Still the same Youngstown, Oh address, phone number and original owners. Frankie Kukura AB8II is the third generation V.P. and G.M. In 1992 Frank and DuPont made a deal and the Antron name (with the single T ) and registration was turned over to DuPont. (Antron is a federal registered trademark of DuPont and cannot be used without their permission.) Anttron Antenna Company manufactures Base and Mobile antennas for CB, Ham, Scanners and private label. Anttron Base Antennas: Anttron 305 10-11 meter 5/8 wave, Anttron TNT 1/2 wave with tuning rings covers 10-11 meters, Anttron 8010-B covers 80 thru 10 meters with LGD AT-11 tuner and other tuners, Anttron 5054 6 meter 5/8 wave with tuning rings, Anttron HamwhipTM Base 10 thru 80 meters with a tuner. Other Ham Base antennas are available. Anttron Ham Mobile Antennas: HamwhipTM single banders available in 75 - 6 meters for each band. ADB-270 and DBW - 2 meter and 70 cm. dual band, VHF 150 5/8 wave 2 meter and many others. Anttron CB Mobile: Magnet mounts, Fiberglass whips top loaded with and without tunable tips, 21-K, Anttron 1700 (one of our best sellers) 6 ft. overall length 2 ft. fiberglass rod with a 4 ft. s.s. whip wound with #14 wire a good performer, and many others. For a catalog call 330-788-9404 or E-mail anttron@juno.com Then see your local dealer. Anttron Antenna Company P.O. Box 2744 Youngstown, Oh. 44507 Ph.: 330-788-9404 FAX: 330-788-7709 Check us out on the web - http://anttron.tripod.com 
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The Anttron Story