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There are many companies that specialize in certain types of filters. One could specialize in telephone filters while another specializes in TVI filters and another specializes in AC line filters. I never knew of a company that was so diverse in this field as Industrial Communication Engineers, Ltd. They started as an engineering firm custom designing products for Industry and Government use. As they developed products they gradually added them to their catalog.

Most of their business is commercial and two thirds of that is overseas. The consumer portion -is their smallest segment. of business.. I wish I had known of them many years ago, they have items that would have saved me- and some of my customers a great deal of grief.

The catalog I have is a reprint of a 1992 catalog but the 1997 is out at the printers and will be available in a few weeks. The old catalog is 23 pages and packed with a complete line of products designed for the elimination of interference and equipment protection.

Photos and good descriptions for each model series are included along with model numbers that fit certain applications, such as frequency range, etc. The people at I.C.E. told me the new catalog has many new items. They’ve put me on their mailing list and I must admit I’m eager to see the new catalog

Some of the I.C.E. products are of no interest or use to the average CBer. Some others may be of use but out of your price range. Sometimes it’s better to overlook the cost if you want to do a job right.

In the long run, you can’t put a price on the protection of your radio equipment, home and friendships, all could be lost with one lightning strike or a persistent RFI problem.

I’ve seen one of their filters, it was built quite ruggedly without any frills. In the commercial marketplace function is more important than looks when evaluating this type of equipment.The following is a list of some of the products they sell:

  1. Active Antennas——Receiver Preamplifiers
  2. Lightning Arrestors——Soil Analysis Service
  3. AC Line Filters——Telephone Mains Filters
  4. Grounding Blocks——Lightning Rods
  5. Solid Brass Ground Rods——Grounding Cable
  6. Lowpass HF Filters——Bandpass Transceiving Filters
  7. Highpass Receiving Filters——Telephone Filters
  8. Stereo RFI Filters——Remote Coax Switches
  9. Conductive Anti-Oxidants ——Ground Treatments

sell:I have a stack of Technical Publications from I.C.E. Most of them are related to problems that most of us have encountered one time or another. I’ve learned a great deal from them and feel that this information is not available anywhere else.

I called the factory to get permission to reprint the publications and to my surprise they didn’t care if I gave them credit! Their interest is to educate the public in these areas because they feel this information has been and shouldn’t be held back from the consumer market.

I decided to to include most of these publications in two parts. The first part will. cover telephone RF interference, lowpass filters, highpass filters, how to conduct a noise audit and grounding techniques. The following eight pages may have the most valuable information available for safe and headache free communication.

I thank I.C.E. for freely passing on their information. If you would like to get on the I.C.E. mailing list you can drop them a line or give them a call. You can contact Industrial Communications Engineers, Ltd. at P. 0. Box 18495, Indianapolis, Indian 46218-0495 or (317) 545-5412.

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