Bob’s CB Has Opened – CB World Informer

I thank everyone for their patients during this time of relocating. I’m sorry the newsletter has been so late. Reopening the store has taken many hours of work and it’s set my schedule on its ear.

I know many of you will be interested in a price list or catalog but it will be a while before time permits me to get it together. I will include prices of new and popular products in the newsletter as space permits.

The chipswitches are on order and I expect them in soon and Wilsons are in stock! Below is a small list of products you may be interested in.

Chipswitch $49.95Astatic EchoMax 2000 $139.95
Chipswitch Socket $11.95Astatic 1104 Base Mic $69.95
NorthStar DX330HL $229.95Mongoose AM Mobile $149.95
NorthStar DX440HL $269.95Antron 305 Base Antenna $89.95
NorthStar DX880HL $399.95Solarcon A-99 $59.95
Uniden PCI22 Chan. Kit $19.95GPKI Ground Plane Kit $39.95

NOTE: At the time of reprint some of the items are no longer available also the prices may have changed. Check Bob’s CB web site.

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