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CB World Informer© was first published in July of 1996. The first issue for August of 1996 included a review of the ChipSwitch. This 6 page review covered the complete operation including the user manual. An explanation of the functions of the radio after installation. Also a list of equipment needed to perform the installation with a supplier, supplier part numbers and prices. In addition to this article there were others including How To Make The Best Solder JointsSlick Tricks On Microphone WiringProper Base Station And Mobile Grounding and Advertising Claims...Smoke And Mirrors?.

This newsletter started just as the CB Radio Magazine by the publishers of Popular Communications was about to end publication. The focus of CB World Informer© was the area of conversions, modifications, out of band operation and other aspects of the hobby that CB Radio Magazine or Popular Communications wouldn't cover. Our reviews were totally unbiased. This was easy because we didn't offer advertising. Manufacturer's had to make it with good products to get good reviews, not by contracting to buy full page ads for months at a time.

Our old issues are available for your viewing. Feel free to check out the CBWI archives. Join the CBWI discussion group for the information, or question and answers network.

The New Web Edition started with the July 2001 issue. This issue covers the new Galaxy DX2547 base station CB radio. From the performance review to conversion, this complete coverage is what  is noted for. Also you will find articles like the Anttron StoryWilson Antenna Bought By BarjanThe Aries A-460 Digital Meter and More...

I hope you enjoy what CB World Informer© has to offer.

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