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Kenwood FreeTalk UBZ-LH14 FRS by Bob F
Kenwood make serious radio equipment. They were the first with FRS digital scrambling. Kenwood claims the FreeTalk FRS radio line has a full range of features controlled by an easy to use menu program. The UBZ-LH14 is small but has a large easily viewed LCD display with helpful icons, a swivel, fold-down antenna, belt clip, and 14 channels with 38 talk groups (sub-audible tones) for 532 channel combinations. Kenwood performance and quality is renowned the world over. Following is a list of features Kenwood has on their site: · Privacy Talk (Voice Scrambling) Mode · In-Range Audible and Visual Indicator · Scan Mode with Auto Channel Select · Large Control Buttons · LCD Display Light · 4 Call Ring Tones (5 when the optional speaker microphone is used) · Key Lock · Transmit Power Save Function · Low Battery Alert · Auto Power Off · Up to 40 Hours Operation on 3 AA Alkaline Batteries · Will Also Operate with Optional Rechargeable Battery and Desk Charger (without use of an adapter) · Optional Case, Speaker Microphone, Headset, Clip Microphone/Earpiece and Arm Band Available · 1-Year Warranty
Kenwood FreeTalk UBZ-LH14 FRS With Digital Voice Scrambling
Kenwood FreeTalk UBZ-LH14 FRS With Fold Down Antenna Kenwood FreeTalk UBZ-LH14 FRS
The Kenwood FreeTalk UBZ-LH14 FRS With Fold Down Antenna
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Kenwood UBZ-LH14