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Editor's Message
Since starting the Web Edition of CB World Informer, the goal has been to publish a monthly newsletter. I've been able to do it so far, a little late most of the time. It's quite a challenge to review equipment every month, research issues with specific equipment, finalize modifications, and do all the necessary tasks needed to produce this publication. This month's publication is late due to a couple of reasons. First, it's tax time and much time has been spent in preparing for that dreaded accountant visit. Second, I have been planning to move my residence and this is where most of the web development is done. As a result the February and March issues will have less information than normal. Hopefully I will be settled in quickly and get to work on a full April issue. The site has grown in popularity, but either the word isn't getting around or it's not of interest to the majority of visitors because the traffic has been flat for the last few months. If you like the site, any help in promoting this site would be greatly appreciated. Discussions about articles of interest on the web forums including Google's rec.radio.cb  will help get the site noticed. Adding links to the site may entice them to check it out. To make the publication successful, we need more traffic. Oh, and don't forget to mention, it's FREE. Spread the word on the air too, this is probably our best tool. The equipment in this and all issues is available from Bob's CB Shop http://www.bobscb.com . If its not on the site call 1-800-473-9708 for information and prices. Bob F
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Editor's Message