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Review Of Midland 79-290 AM/SSB Mobile Cobra/Uniden SSB Chassis Mod UPDATE Clarifiers President Jackson Unlocked Clarifier Mod. Cobra 148 & Uniden GrantXL Clarifier Mod. Cobra 142GTL & Uniden Washington Clarifier
Cobra/Uniden SSB Chassis Mod UPDATE This is a correction of the article in last months issue. The value for R131 was omitted. I've added arrows to the drawing for the three resistors that change value for quicker identification.  Reference shaded areas to the right. REMOVE R166 ADD 8.2K from the emitter of TR26 to 8 volts constant CHANGE R131 from 10K to 4.7K R159 from I8K to 33K R228 from 560W to 33K CHECK C109 for 10µf ©CBWI 
Cobra/Uniden SSB Updated Schematic Uniden Grant Unlocked Clarifier Mod. Uniden PCI22 PRO SSB Clarifier Mod. Review Of The Northstar DX880HL Big Bust At The Consumer Electronics Show Bob's CB Has Opened Archives Rectangle CB World Globe
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Cobra/Uniden SSB Chassis Mod UPDATE