Uniden SDS200 Review

Uniden SDS200 Review

We are here to provide you with an exhaustive uniden sds200 review. You are obviously here because you currently own a police scanner or are considering purchasing one. Perhaps you want to start a new hobby, or you are concerned about staying in the know when major crimes or weather events are occurring in your area.

No matter the reason for you finding us, we are here to help you learn as much as possible about the Uniden SDS200, one of the best police scanners on the market.

As with all of our product reviews, we work exhaustively to bring you all the facts. As scanning enthusiasts ourselves, it is our pleasure to provide as much detailed information as possible, so our readers are prepared to take the plunge and make a purchase.

Uniden SDS200 Specs, Pros and Cons

The Uniden SDS200 boasts several key features, including I/Q Receiver Technology for handling QPSK modulation schemes, 8GB of memory with a pre-installed MicroSD card, an instant replay feature that can replay up to four minutes of the latest unsquelched transmission, and a customizable 3.5-inch LED display.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop
  • Power Source: Car Charger Plug
  • Brand: Uniden
  • Item Dimensions: 12.75 x 8.5 x 3.75 inches
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts


  • Incorporates the latest True I/Q Receiver technology for superior digital performance.
  • Direct Ethernet connectivity allows for easy streaming and control.
  • Comes with a complete radio database for the USA and Canada.
  • Location control feature offers simple operation based on the user’s location.
  • Large 3.5″ customizable color display enhances user experience.


  • The product is on the pricier side, which might not be affordable for everyone.
  • For non-tech-savvy individuals, the scanner might have a steeper learning curve.
  • While the product offers many features, some users might find them overwhelming without proper guidance or manual reading.

Why Should You Purchase a Police Scanner?

If you have never owned a police scanner, you may wonder why this is an important purchase. Is it more for hobbies or a necessity? Although police scanners are certainly order carisoprodol excellent tools for hobbyists, there is an even more important reason why you should consider making a purchase.

As most people realize, crime is rising in many parts of the country. No one wants to find out too late that an active crime is occurring right in their vicinity. With this scanner, you will always have access to the latest police communications regarding your area. You can also use this scanner to stay abreast of the latest weather events.

What are the Best Features of the Uniden SDS200?

If you have done any research at all, you know Uniden is one of the best names in the industry. There is a reason it has gotten so much appreciation, and that is because Uniden consistently upgrades their latest models with some of the best and most useful features available.

It is important to know the features of any product you are considering purchasing. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to make the right decision, no matter which scanner you choose. The following is not an exhaustive list of the features but offers information on the most important.

I/Q Receiver Technology

If you have read any of our other police scanner reviews, you should be aware that older scanners often had trouble with handling QPSK modulation schemes. This is the modulation scheme that is generated by Phase I and Phase II.

When Uniden came out with their latest police scanner models, they updated their receiver technology with true I/Q, allowing for the scanner to overcome the past obstacles older scanners had in dealing with modulation schemes.

8GB of Memory

The unit comes with an 8GB MicroSD card that is already installed. This memory card comes with a complete database for both the United States and Canada. Even with the database installed, you will have over 100 hours of record time.

Instant Replay

Most people are thrilled to know the Uniden SDS200 can replay up to four minutes of the latest unsquelched transmission. Because it does not count the quiet time that results between transmissions, you get the full four minutes of replay action.

Customizable Display

This police scanner offers a 3.5-inch display that is located on the left side of the radio. This LED display is fully customizable. You can play around with different customized colors and test placements. There is also a back-light setting knob for easier viewing during periods of low light.

What Should You Know About the Technical Specs?

The SDS200 is a fully-loaded police scanner that is powerful. Before you consider buying, let us show you what it offers in the way of technical specs.

  • Offers fully integrated location-based scanning
  • Includes a full US/Canada database
  • Comes with an 8GB MicroSD card (Installed)
  • Offers Trunktracker X
  • Offers GPS compatibility
  • Comes with Sentinel Software
  • Offers recording, playback, and replay features

As you can see, this is a powerful police scanner, and it will bring new life to an old hobby or help you stay informed regarding weather and crime events in your neighborhood.

What Frequency Coverage Does It Offer?

As with any police scanner, the frequency coverage can change. At the time of this writing, these are the correct frequencies the Uniden SDS200 offers.

  • 25-512 MHz
  • 758-824 MHZ
  • 848-869 MHz
  • 895-960 MHz
  • 1240-1300 MHz

What Will You Find in the Box?

Knowing what to expect when you open the box helps you to be prepared. Once you know what is included, you will know if there is anything else you need to purchase, to begin using your new police scanner.

  • SDS200 police scanner radio
  • One telescopic whip antenna
  • One wall brick
  • One AD-1099 AC adapter
  • USB cable (Used for upgrading and programming)
  • One 12 VDC cord
  • One mobile bracket
  • Owner’s manual

The box contains just about everything you will need to get started enjoying your police scanner right away. Within minutes, you can have it mounted and ready to go!

Why Should You Consider the SDS200?

You undoubtedly have a lot of choices when it comes to police scanner radios. Knowing which one to choose is not always easy. So, why should you choose the SDS200 model? We will give you some important reasons below.

  • Setup is extremely easy! All you have to do is input your zip code, and you can begin scanning channels right away.
  • The entire keyboard is backlit, making this police scanner radio easy to use, even in low light conditions.
  • This scanner comes with free Sentinel software and offers free updates every week, to update the database for the US and Canada.
  • The LED display is large, making it easier to view the functions. You can customize the color scheme to your preferences.
  • This model is constructed from heavy-duty metal, making it strong and durable, so it will last for many years to come.

The SDS200 is a little on the pricey side, but it is well worth the cost. Once you get your hands on this innovative police scanner, it will become a hobby you enjoy daily.

What Modes are Available with the SDS200?

The SDS200 works with many modes, giving you more scanning options than ever before. The following are the current modes supported by this model.

  • APCO P25 Phase I and II
  • Motorola
  • LTR Trunking
  • MotoTRBO Capacity +
  • Connect +
  • DMR Tier III
  • Hytera XPT
  • Single-Channel DMR
  • NXDN 4800 and 9600
  • EDACS Pro Voice

It is important to note that you may need to purchase additional third-party software to be able to use some of these modes with the Uniden SDS200.

Design of the Uniden SDS200

Although we have mentioned some brief design aspects, it is time to delve a little deeper into how the Uniden SDS200 was designed. Uniden has done an excellent job of ensuring the design of this police scanner is sleek, yet durable.


First, let’s talk about the display. The display is an ample 3.5-inches and is bright enough for you to be able to see it well, no matter the lighting. As mentioned before, you can customize the color scheme and setup of the LED display until it meets your liking.

Function Knob and Headphone Jack

On the left side of the front of the scanner, you will find your function dial. This dial will be used for multiple functions, so remember its placement. Just below this, you have a 3.5-millimeter audio jack, so you can use your scanner with headphones.

Volume Control

If you look on the right side of your Uniden SDS200, you will find a small knob that allows you to control the volume. Be sure to adjust your volume carefully before using headphones, so the radio does not harm your hearing.


The metal construction of this police scanner radio ensures it will offer an extreme level of durability. Some police scanners are made of mostly plastic materials, and they can begin to break down quickly and easily become damaged.

Is the Uniden SDS200 Good for Beginners?

If you have read any of our other police scanner radio reviews, you know some models simply are not good for beginners because of the learning curve they require for programming.

Thankfully, as you can see from this Uniden bearcat sds200 review, the Uniden SDS200 is beginner-friendly. As stated before, you simply put in your zip code, and the scanner does most of the work for you.

Just because this police scanner radio is good for beginners does not mean old pros will not appreciate it too. This radio has plenty of features and ease of operation, to ensure people of all skill levels enjoy using it right out of the box.

Do You Need Any Accessories for the Uniden SDS200?

While this unit is pretty much ready to go out of the box, some users will find the accessories offered by Uniden help allow them to better enjoy their police scanner radio. The following are some of the accessories offered for separate purchase.

  • Cigarette lighter cord with coils (Extends to two feet)
  • Power cord with lightning control
  • AC USB adapter
  • DC USB adapter
  • Four-foot serial cable
  • Nylon case
  • Wideband antenna
  • External speaker
  • Uniden hard leather case
  • Pedestal mounting kit
  • Software upgrades

Out of all the above accessories listed, we feel the most important is a case. When not in use, your unit should be shielded in a case to keep moisture and dirt out. A case will help to extend the life of your radio and keep it looking new.

Is the Uniden SDS200 Difficult to Clean?

The Uniden SDS200 is not difficult to clean. If you find there are fingerprints on the display, you can simply wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. We have found purchasing a case is one of the best ways to keep dirt and debris out of your scanner.

If you find it gets overly dusty, you can use compressed air to blow the dust out of the crevices. This works extremely well and is fast and easy.

Never use any cleaners of any kind on your SDS200. Doing so could cause damage to the electrical components. It would also tramadol online next-day delivery void your warranty.


With every product review we do, we get a lot of questions submitted, and we love hearing from our readers like you. If you ever have a question, please feel free to submit, and we can hopefully answer your question on our next review. The following are some of the top questions we have received from our readers regarding the SDS200.

u003cstrongu003eHow does the SDS200 connect to the internet?u003c/strongu003e

The SDS200 offers Direct Ethernet Connectivity for streaming and control.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the key technology incorporated in the Uniden SDS200 scanner?u003c/strongu003e

The Uniden SDS200 incorporates the latest True I/Q Receiver Technology, which provides unsurpassed digital performance.

u003cstrongu003eDoes the SDS200 come with a built-in radio database?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, the SDS200 has a Complete USA/Canada Radio Database built-in, offering free lifetime updates.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the display feature of the SDS200 scanner?u003c/strongu003e

The SDS200 features a 3.5u0022 Customizable Color Display.

u003cstrongu003eAre there any additional features or upgrades available for the SDS200?u003c/strongu003e

The SDS200 includes APCO P25 Phase I and II, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trucking, Airband, Marine Weather, and Analog. With optional paid downloadable upgrades and/or optional software, it can also support DMR Tier III, XPT, Single-Channel DMR, NXDN 4800 and 9600, and EDACS.

What technical specifications does the Uniden SDS200 offer?

The SDS200 provides integrated location-based scanning, a full US/Canada database, an 8GB MicroSD card, Trunktracker X, GPS compatibility, Sentinel Software, and recording, playback, and replay features.

What frequency coverage is provided by the Uniden SDS200?

The Uniden SDS200 covers various frequencies, including 25-512 MHz, 758-824 MHZ, 848-869 MHz, 895-960 MHz, and 1240-1300 MHz.

Why should someone consider purchasing the Uniden SDS200 police scanner?

The Uniden SDS200 is one of the best police scanners on the market. It allows users to stay informed about major crimes, weather events, and other emergencies in their area. The scanner provides access to the latest police communications, ensuring that users are always in the know.

u003cstrongu003eIs the Uniden SDS200 suitable for beginners?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, the Uniden SDS200 is beginner-friendly. Users can simply input their zip code, and the scanner will handle most of the setup, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users.

Can I hook this police scanner radio up to a roof antenna to extend the signal?

You can hook up the SDS200 to a roof antenna, but there are some stipulations. Be careful to ensure you are choosing the right one. It would be best to contact Uniden to check to see if your antenna is compatible with the SDS200.

Will I need an external speaker for the SDS200?

It is important to note that the SDS200 comes with an internal speaker. In our opinion, it is plenty loud. If you are concerned with speaker volume, you can always purchase a compatible external speaker.

Whistlers and some Unidens have problems with simulcast. I hear this model stopped the problem. Is this true?

This unit fixed the problems with simulcasts that were experienced in the past. If you live in a marginal reception area, we highly recommend adding a larger antenna.

Final Thoughts

The SDS200 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and feature-packed police scanners on the market. If you are looking for an innovative scanner that will give you ease of operation and plenty of scanning options, this is the one.

By reading our uniden sds200 review, you are now armed with all the information you need for making a wise purchase. You will love this scanner, and it will bring new life to your hobby.