Superstar Silver Salute Base Microphone

Superstar Silver Salute Base Microphone

The SILVER SALUTE is a Superior Quality Base Microphone For the CB. And Amateur Communications Enthusiast. It is entirely chrome plated and features a grip-to-talk bar and a press-to-talk bar.

The microphone head plugs into the top of the mast and is locked on by means of a union nut (See drawing on the other side).



Type:Dynamic MIC
Frequency Response:See Frequency Response Curve on other side
Sensitivity:-12 ± 2dB(at 1KHz)
Impedance:600 Ohms
Cable:Five conductor (one conductor shielded) coiled cord that extends to 2.7M (9ft.)
Housing:Die cast zinc alloy
Finish:Polished chrome
Battery:Standard 9 volt battery (not included)
Weight:1.10Kg(2.41b, 38.8oz)
Size:254mm(10″) high x l23mm (4.8″) width (Bottom)

Volume Adjustments

At a speaking distance of approximately 2 inches (or the position you prefer) starting with the external volume control set fully counter-clockwise, adjust the volume control for the correct modulation level. Rotating the volume control clockwise increases the volume.

Battery Replacement

Remove the bottom cover by removing the four screws. Carefully lift off the cover Unsnap the battery from the battery connector and install a new battery. Carefully replace the bottom cover and fasten with the four screws previously removed.