Midland SSB Mobile Model 79-290 AM-USB/LSB-Weather

I don’t have much on this one. I did see it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. I was able to get some unadvertised extras while playing with the display prototype unit. We weren’t sure this one was going to be available. They are in the States and I’ve included the HOT SHEET below.

Model 79-290 AM-USB/LSB-Weather

Transceiver with Detachable Control Panel

There Isn’t Anything This Midland Radio Can’t Do!

120-channel operation (40 AM, 40 USB/40 LSB) and monitoring of N.O.A.A. and Canadian weather channels is impressive enough. But that’s only the beginning of the 79-290 story. There’s also such performance. features as Dual Watch, four memory channels and full-stage noise blanking. And there’s still more…


  • Size: 2″H x 61/4″W x 7″D (48 x 159 x 178mm)
  • Receiver Sensitivity:AM: 0.8 uV @ 10 dB S/N  SSB: 0.5 uV @ 20 dB S/N WX: 1.0 uV @ 20 dB S/N
  • Receiver Selectivity: -6 dB @ 2.5 kHz, -60 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Output Power: 12 Watts SSB, 4 Watts AM
  • Frequency Control: PLL
  • Controls: On/Off/Volume, Variable squelch, Weather/CB selector, Last channel recall. LOC/DIS, Mic Gain, Four CB channel memory buttons, Dual Watch, Frequency/channel selector, FrequencyFine/coarse adjustment, Channel 9 memory, WX/CB channel selector, Detach release. CB band (AM/USB/LSB) selector
  • Power Requirements: 13.8V, DC. negative ground
  • Accessories Included: Full-size microphone w/4-pin screw-on connector DC power cord, Mounting bracket and hardware, User’s manual.
Detachable control panel For added security. Battery powered to retain data for up to 100 hours
Multi-function black matrix LCD display Indicators for channel/frequency (1/8″ high), 12-segment RFoutput/signal meter. memory channels 1-4. noise blanker, dual watch,RF gain, weather and operating mode
Channel Number- or ‘Frequency (MHz)’ readout You have the choice Built-in I 0-channel weather receiver for the USAand CanadaKeeps you up-to4he-minute on local conditions
Four memory channels Instant access to any of four user-selectable channels
Mic gain Boosts TX output
Dual watch Monitoring of any two user-selectable channels
Coarse/fine tuning for USB/LSB Quick, accurate frequency tuning
Full-Stage noise blanking system To reduce static and engine pulse to a whisper
Local-DX receiver switch Reduces receiver gain for close stations
High performance CPU For pinpoint channel selection and self-adjusting frequency operation
Jacks for external speaker and antenna Added flexibility

Features and specifications subject to charge without notice.

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