Top Gun Technologies Quad-5 10-Meter Transceiver

Top Gun Technologies Quad-5 10-Meter Transceiver

The QUAD-5 is unique in many ways. It is an improved version of the AT-5555 or Alpha Max. It is flexible through the ability to be programmed by a computer, and the files can be saved for later use.

Conveniences such as programming the EMG button for a particular frequency within a band for instant frequency jumping.

Programming certain channels for frequently used frequencies during events, among other options, makes this a very flexible radio. You might think of it as a programmable 10-meter scanner that transmits.

Or you can use it without changing the programming and have a high-quality transceiver with a 10 Hz frequency resolution clarifier and frequency display.

Having been involved with the design changes, I don’t feel comfortable reviewing this product. However, I feel compelled to tell the story about it. Its predecessor was available with no warranty, which slowed sales even though it was an excellent radio.

The Quad-5 comes with a one-year warranty, and Top Gun Technologies has all the common parts in stock for repair.

The orange lettering on the black front panel is easy to read and has a soft glow electro-luminescent backlit panel for night viewing.

Also, the LCD can be switched off if you want. I have checked the transmitted audio with various microphones, the older Telex/Turner RK-56, Top Gun TG-56, and Ranger SRA-198, with almost identical sound quality.

The Astatic 636L has a lower tone quality but still sounds excellent. Also, the Astatic D104 Silver Eagle has a full-tone sound, even though you would expect it would have a tendency to be more high-pitched with that mic.

The audio doesn’t need improvement as in most radios, and you will notice Top Gun Technologies doesn’t even recommend their CP-1 or MD-1 to improve the performance. Not only is every channel programmable, it holds a 7-digit transmit and separate 7-digit receive frequency.

Certain features can be enabled or disabled PER CHANNEL, such as BUSY, ECHO, HI-CUT, +10KHz, NB/ANL, RB (roger beep), and SCAN.

See to view and save the programming manual. Not only can the button beep be turned off, it has a volume control that ranges from off to 63. I don’t like the annoying beep of some radios because of the high volume.

The beep at a low volume is not annoying and is very helpful in confirming your selection, especially when using the UP/Down buttons on the mic. Even though the mic has UP/DN/AQ capability, it is a 4-pin mic. Almost any Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy 4-pin mic will work, except the mics with electret condenser elements.

Pin 4 is used as the input for the three features. Switching different resistors to ground tells the processor what is selected.

See for details on modifying your mic to work the UP/DN/AQ features. In export mode, 20 additional channels per band can be programmed for your most frequently used frequencies. Or special transmit/receive offsets for repeater or private one-sided communication.

There are so many options available to make this transceiver very versatile. Keep in mind, it only has to be as complicated as you want; the radio works fine for those who don’t have computer knowledge or want to play with the programming, although if you have a computer, it is very straightforward and easy to do.

You can read the radio program and save it to a file before you start to restore your original setup if you get in a jam. With or without programming, I think you will really like this unit.