Slip Seat Radio Box

Slip Seat Radio Box

This slip seat radio box is great for truck drivers who don’t always drive the same truck every day or just don’t want to leave their radio equipment in the vehicle for security reasons. In the past these boxes were constructed from either plywood or particle board making them heavy when empty.

This box is constructed of aluminium and only weighs 5 pounds. The cover is hinged for easy access and has quarter turn latches to insure the box is closed tightly. There is room for a CB or 10-meter radio , as well as a stereo or kicker. There are three round holes in the top for speakers.

Two speakers would be used with the stereo, or fans could be installed if an amp was used.The side has a cutout for a 3 pin power cord jack and a round cutout for a SO-239 antenna connector or a double female connector.

There are some double female coax connector available with locking nuts to lock it in place.

Also on the side is an access hole for a side mounted mic connector. All the large holes have black trim.This box does require some drilling and fabrication to make your communications/entertainments center complete.

Whether you do it your self or have one put together professionally, it has the ability of putting a lot of equipment in a small easy to handle package.Bob’s CB Shop HAD them at $79.95. They have since been discontinued

Front Or Radio View


Speaker Holes


Inside View


Handle View With Microphone Access