SOLVING TELEPHONE RF INTERFERENCE – HELPFUL HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS With the increasing popularity of complex and computer-aided home telephone units manufactured by numerous companies worldwide comes a corresponding increase in both the quantity and severity of telephone interference caused by local radio broadcast transmitters. The new telephones, both domestic and imported, are the most susceptible […]

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General Lee Conversion

The conversion of this radio is simple. Remove the four 100 Ohm resistors from the solder side of the main circuit board. Be careful where the four resistors are soldered together. Use a minimum amount of heat and remove the resistors strait up, otherwise you may damage the trace that they are connected to. In […]

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CB Radio Operator Busted

Just in case you think the FCC doesn’t enforce the law on illegal CB operation, just read on and note the date. It’s true Uncle Charlie is under-staffed. Nevertheless, don’t talk yourself into believing you’re immune to their scrutiny. If they receive enough complaints or you’re transmissions are interfering with commercial service, they’ll come after […]

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