Midland MXT400 Review

Midland MXT400

Two-way radios are a great way to stay in contact with others without the dangers of cellphone usage, dropped calls, and poor connections. In most conditions, these radios offer clear communication by helping reduce wind noise. They can also be used in wet conditions and even in extreme temperatures.

These devices are simple to use, less expensive than cell phones, and more reliable. When used for business needs, several employees can use the same radio instead of the need to issue a cell phone for each person. With this Midland mxt400 review, you will learn more about this incredible two-way radio and how it can transform how you stay in contact with others.

Midland MXT400 Specs, Pros & Cons

  • Brand: Midland Radio
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Special Features: Silent Operation, Call Alert, Weather Alert, Emergency Alarm
  • Frequency Range: 462.5500 – 467.7250 MHz
  • Talking Range Maximum: 65 Miles
  • Tuner Technology: UHF
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Item Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 9 inches
  • Included Components: Full 40W Radio Micromobile Bundle


  • High Power: 40-watt power ensures long-range communication.
  • Privacy Codes: 142 CTCSS/DCS codes provide enhanced privacy.
  • Weather Alerts: NOAA Weather Scan + Alert informs users about weather conditions.
  • Compatibility: Works with all Midland FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies.
  • Additional Features: Silent operation, channel scan, and keypad lock enhance usability.


  • Price: Some users might find the product a bit pricey.
  • Range Limitations: While it boasts a maximum range of 65 miles, the actual range can be affected by terrain and other factors.
  • Learning Curve: Some users might need time to familiarize themselves with all the features.

Reasons You Need a Good Two-Way Radio

Whether you are a business owner or simply a person who likes to travel, having a two-way radio is essential. Many business owners are ditching their cellphone contracts and switching over to two-way radios like the MXT400. The following offers some insight into why these radios are so beneficial for many people.

  • One of the most important reasons people make the switch is the cost. The prices of smartphones are skyrocketing higher than ever before. Add in the monthly service charges and contract fees, and you can soon be in over your head. You only have to pay for a two-way radio once.
  • Two-way radios are an excellent source of communication and can be lifesaving in emergencies when cell phones can sometimes fail.
  • Smartphones can break over time and need to be replaced regularly. Two-way radios are rugged in design and made to stand up to abuse.

Overview of the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

In this Midland consumer radio mxt400 review, we must provide you with full information to help you make the right decision. Having an overview of what this radio offers will help you to make a wise choice when it comes time to purchase.

The Midland MXT400 is not your average two-way radio. This radio offers 15 GMRS channels, 8 repeater channels, and 142 privacy codes.

With a clear LCD interface, you will find this two-way radio is simple and straightforward to use. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to travel.

Because of its portability, you can set up two-way communication no matter where you travel. Most people cannot say that with their cellphone coverage. You will love the keypad and all the added features that make this radio so remarkable for the price.

This 40-watt radio packs a power punch and offers features you would normally find only on more expensive models. It is ready to be mounted right out of the box, and with a few setup steps, you will have it running in no time at all.

What Is the Range of the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio?

The range is extremely important when you are deciding on a two-way radio. When Midland set out to design this two-way radio, they wanted to have the most powerful range possible in a compact and lightweight design. It appears they met their goal.

The MXT400 is one of the most powerful two-way radios on the market. As with any two-way radio, your range will be affected by where you are located and if there are any obstructions in the way. Midland offers the following information on its powerful MXT400 and its range.

  • If there is a lot of obstruction in the area, you will generally get a range of between 5-15 miles.
  • If there is only mild obstruction in the area, you will get a
  • 15–20-mile range.
  • If there are no obstructions, this powerful two-way radio offers a range of 20-65 miles.

The range will also depend on the power settings you choose. For the highest and most powerful range, we recommend using the full 40 watts of power and repeaters. You can get a good range for dozens of miles, even in obstructed areas. Even on the lower and medium settings, the range is still great.

Charging and Powering the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Most people want to know about their charging and powering options before committing to any two-way radio.

As we have already discussed, the MXT400 is a powerful two-way radio that offers power settings of up to 40 watts. You control the output but can certainly use full power when needed.

The MXT400 requires one AA battery. This radio has a fairly long battery life, but that depends on the quality of the battery. For safety purposes, plan on keeping extra batteries on hand, because you never know when an emergency might arise.

If you plan on using the MXT400 on the highest power setting for long periods, we highly recommend wiring it directly to your car’s battery or home power source. This will allow you to use the two-way radio without being worried about losing battery power.

No matter which way you choose to power the MXT400, it will consistently deliver the highest level of power, ensuring you are offered a clear line of communication, even in the most remote of areas.

Do not be afraid to test out the power settings to see which one meets your needs in any given area. Full power may not always be necessary.

Special Features of the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Midland MXT

The MXT400 is one incredible MicroMobile radio. With its extreme level of power and clear communication lines, you cannot go wrong. This is a radio that offers some of the most advanced features in the industry, and Midland’s focus is on quality.

This is truly one of the best midland two-way radio options, and once you learn about all the special features it offers, you are going to want to pick one up for yourself right away.

  • This is a full 40-Watt Radio, one of the most powerful two-way radios on the market. It is perfect for just about any need, including professional communication.
  • With the eight repeaters, you can easily increase your coverage range, even in obstructed areas, for better transmission.
  • The back-lit display makes it easy to operate your two-way radio, even in low light conditions.
  • This radio is highly compact with measurements at 1.6″ x 5.5″ x 7.3″.
  • The digital volume control makes it simple for you to turn down or increase the volume.
  • This radio offers 15 high-powered GMRS channels, giving you plenty of options for clear communication.
  • The channel scan features make it much easier to find the right channel that offers the clearest sound.

Accessories for the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

To ensure your MXT400 two-way radio works properly, some accessories are recommended by Midland. This radio needs an antenna and a mount to make it fully operational. Purchasing these accessories will add to the high function of the radio, making it more effective at finding the right channels.

Midland recommends you pair this radio with the Midland 6DB Antenna with an NMO connection. This antenna is perfect for this radio and will increase its range dramatically. Most people go ahead and purchase this antenna when making their radio purchase because the two pair together so well.

You will also need to purchase a mount for your MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way radio. Having the right mount is extremely important for keeping the radio stable while you are driving. With the right mount, you will not have to worry about your radio falling while you are using it.

You are going to need to purchase the Midland Antenna Mag Mount with an NMO Connector. Make sure to pick up the twelve-foot cable also. You need a long cable to give you plenty of room to use the radio with ease.

You may also want to purchase a DC charger cable, to use your two-way radio with your cigarette lighter, so you do not have to worry about purchasing batteries all the time.

Warranty Information for the Midland MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Midland MXT400

When purchasing any electronic device, you want to make sure it is covered under a solid warranty. With this MXT400, Midland offers a fair warranty of one year. Any accessories purchased with the bundle only have a 90-day warranty for defects.

According to the Midland website, they will replace or repair, at their discretion, without charge to the purchaser, if the radio fails, due to any defect in the parts of construction, within one year of the purchase date. The warranty does not cover the following.

  • Battery leakage
  • Abuse or misuse
  • Modifications
  • Unauthorized service
  • Unauthorized accessories
  • Water damage

It is important to keep this information in mind before purchasing the MXT400, so you will be prepared. It is doubtful you will have problems, but it is always best to be prepared in case.

Unboxing and Setup of the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

The box for the MXT400 is a compact one, but do not let it fool you. This two-way radio is packed with functions, which you will soon find out once you open the box and get your hands on it.

What’s in the Box?

  • Midland window decal
  • Quick start guide
  • Owner’s manual
  • The two-way radio with the power connector and PLT59 connector
  • Mounting bracket
  • Microphone
  • Power chord
  • Two fuses
  • Mounting hardware

Setting Up the Midland MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

The MXT400 is easy to set up. It is important to first read the quick start guide and owner’s manual, to ensure you familiarize yourself with each step of setup. The biggest decision you will need to make is where you want to mount it. Remember, this radio can be used just about anywhere, and you do not necessarily have to mount it if you will travel with it often.

The kit includes the mounting bracket and hardware, but it does not include the antenna. You will need to purchase it separately, and it needs to be wired in place. If you are using it at home, it can be permanently installed and wired through your roof. Once you have the radio wired, you are pretty much ready to start talking.

To find a channel, you can use the knob to select a channel manually or use the scan button to scan through all the available channels. The scan function can be set up to scan continuously until it finds an open line of communication. You can also set the radio to tune in to a specific channel, such as when you need to talk to a fellow user or an employee.


People often have many questions when deciding whether to purchase the MXT400 radio. The following are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

What are the primary benefits of using the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio over traditional cellphones?

The MXT400 offers clear communication in most conditions, reducing wind noise and working in wet conditions and extreme temperatures. They are simpler to use, less expensive than cell phones, and more reliable. Multiple employees can use the same radio for businesses, eliminating the need for individual cell phones.

u003cstrongu003eDoes this radio have a NOAA weather alert feature?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, the radio is equipped with NOAA Weather Scan that scans through 10 available weather channels and locks onto the strongest one. It also has a NOAA Weather Alert feature that sounds an alarm for severe weather updates in your area.

u003cstrongu003eHow does the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio range vary based on obstructions?u003c/strongu003e

The MXT400’s range is affected by obstructions. The range is between 5-15 miles in areas with many obstructions. In mildly obstructed areas, the range is 15–20 miles. The radio offers a range of 20-65 miles in areas with no obstructions.

What power source does the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio require, and how can it be powered for extended use?

The MXT400 requires one AA battery. For extended use, especially on the highest power setting, it’s recommended to wire it directly to a car’s battery or a home power source.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are some of the special features of the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio?u003c/strongu003e

The MXT400 offers 15 GMRS channels, 8 repeater channels, and 142 privacy codes. It has a clear LCD interface, a compact design, and a keypad with added features. It’s a 40-watt radio, making it one of the most powerful two-way radios available.

u003cstrongu003eDoes Midland recommend any accessories for the MXT400?u003c/strongu003e

Midland recommends pairing the radio with the Midland 6DB Antenna with an NMO connection. A mount, such as the Midland Antenna Mag Mount with an NMO Connector, is also needed for stability. A DC charger cable can also be purchased for powering the radio using a car’s cigarette lighter.

Where is the speaker located on the MTX400?

Unlike some two-way radios, the MTX400 has a speaker that is located on the top of the radio. This allows for a clearer volume and a more consistent sound.

Do you have to have a license to operate the MTX400?

Like all GMRS radios, you do have to have a license to operate the MTX400. State laws vary, so make sure you research how to get properly licensed before you begin operation.

What is the best way to clean the MTX400 two-way radio?

If the radio gets dusty, it is best to use a can of compressed air to blow it out of the crevices. Use a slightly damp rag to remove fingerprints from the faceplate and controls. Never immerse the radio in water or get it overly wet. Never use any cleaners.

Final Words

The MTX400 is one of the most powerful two-way GRMS radios you can own. At 40-Watts, it has plenty of power to ensure you maintain a clear line of communication, whether you like to talk as a hobby or need to talk with employees or others in your party.

With all the channel options and the incredibly long range, you will find this radio to be versatile and easy to use. With this Midland mxt400 review, you now know all the facts that will help you make the right decision for your communication needs.