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Big Bust At Consumer Electronic Show

I don’t have many details yet but there was a major bust of manufacturers and distributors of export equipment. The owner of RCI and the owner of CTE international along with some distributors were rounded up on charges of fraudulent customs records. This seems to be a continuation of an investigation that’s been going on for about […]

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RCI 6900F TB Photo Gallery by Bob F

The RCI-6900F TB Front Angle ViewThe RCI-6900F TB Front Panel With Oversize Heatsink FinsThe RCI-6900F TB Side ViewThe RCI-6900F TB Rear PanelThe RCI-6900F TB Bottom Cover Off With View Of Power Amp ShieldThe RCI-6900F TB Power Amplifier With Negative Feedback Components LabeledThe RCI-6900F TB Echo Board With Shield Removed And Controls LabeledBob F

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Magnum Maverick A24 Conversion

The conversion is very simple and is the same as the Connex 3300, General Lee and other similar 10-meter radios. Just remove the four 100 Ohm resistors on the bottom of the main circuit board in the PLL area. Reference the photo below for the four resistors.I will cover the adjustment potentiometers when I write […]

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Magnum 357DX Adjustment Locations

“S” Meter—————————————-RV-1 Power Meter————————————RV-8 AM Power Maximum Adjust—————RV-16 FM Power Maximum Adjust—————RV-14 SSB ALC—————————————–RV-9 AMC – AM Modulation———————–RV-4 FM Deviation———————————–RV-3 Driver Bias————————————–RV-13 Final Bias Adjustments———————-RV-11 & RV-12 Carrier Balance——————————–RV-6 Unmarked Near Center Of PCB Magnum 357 DX Main PC Board Layout Click Diagram For Close-up  

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