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Big Bust At Consumer Electronic Show

I don’t have many details yet but there was a major bust of manufacturers and distributors of export equipment. The owner of RCI and the owner of CTE international along with some distributors were rounded up on charges of fraudulent customs records. This seems to be a continuation of an investigation that’s been going on for about […]

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Clarifiers – CB World Informer

You may wonder why CBs are locked on frequency. Back when sideband was first introduced to the CB community, The clarifiers would move both transmit and receive together. This was legal because the tolerance of the transmitters was +/- .005 %. This means the radio had a frequency range of +/- 1.3 kHz from the […]

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First Web Issue- CB World Informer

Well…this is the first web issue of the CB World Informer newsletter. As always, it took longer than anticipated. The more time spent on an article, the more information came to the surface. All this inspired new ideas and changes. This issue evolved from a simple information source to an online magazine. Back in 1997, […]

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Solarcon I-Max 2000- CB World Informer

The Solarcon I-Max 2000 is approximately 24 feet high, 6 feet longer than the A-99. This is a full-length 5/8-wave antenna. The antenna is a three-section unit with each section approximately 8 foot long. This does present a shipping problem. The antennas are packed 6 to a case. It just so happens that when measuring […]

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Mobile Radio Interference- CB World Informer

Here’s a problem that has been escalating as the automotive industry brings out the newer models. Computers that aren’t shielded, electric fans that replace the old belt driven ones, electric fuel pumps, and higher output alternators all of which have less than adequate RFI filtering. The RF emissions from the devices can cut your receive […]

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