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Astatic’s Final Edition D-104 Silver Eagle

The definition of astatic that best suits the D-104 line of microphones is the one immediately above: having no particular directional characteristics. For years this mic dubbed the “lollypop” has been the most sensitive microphone known in the communications field. They have the capability of picking up everything in a room and more. I remember […]

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First Web Issue- CB World Informer

Well…this is the first web issue of the CB World Informer newsletter. As always, it took longer than anticipated. The more time spent on an article, the more information came to the surface. All this inspired new ideas and changes. This issue evolved from a simple information source to an online magazine. Back in 1997, […]

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This is a comparison report between coaxial cable lightning arrestor units manufactured by Polyphaser Corp. and Industrial Communication Engineers, Ltd. Both companies manufacture a wide variety of such protective devices and are sold worldwide. Each of the designs described in this report is protected. by patents issued by the U.S.- Bureau of Patents and Trademarks […]

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Cobra/Uniden SSB Chassis Mod UPDATE

This is a correction of the article in last months issue. The value for R131 was omitted. I’ve added arrows to the drawing for the three resistors that change the value for quicker identification. Reference shaded areas to the right REMOVE R166 ADD 8.2K from the emitter of TR26 to 8 volts constant CHANGE R131 […]

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Help Get The Word Out

Thank you for reading CB World Informer. I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you did, it would be appreciated very much if you would help get the word out about the newsletter. This publication takes a great deal of time to produce. To keep it going the readership must be high. This can be […]

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