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Proper Base Station & Mobile Grounding

Proper grounding of your equipment is very important. Not only in performance but if you’re running high power there are health risks involved with stray RF emissions. I know of cases where operators have gotten shocks while keying up and touching the mic to their lip. Proper grounding will correct this problem. In setting up […]

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The RF Limited UTB-1 – CB World Informer

The Universal Talk-Back Board is what the name suggests, a talkback PC board that installs into any CB or 10-Meter transceiver and produces adjustable talkback. It’s the first talkback board that incorporates an on-board audio amp. This allows talkback, which will work on all modes of communication, to be installed in any radio. This board […]

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Galaxy DX 2547 Service Manual Excerpts

Support, support, support…The Galaxy support department was gracious enough to send the Galaxy Noise Filter schematic with out a request! This is what is missing in most instances these days with large consumer electronics companies. Their either to big to follow up on details, don’t know were to get the information, or plain don’t care. […]

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Review Of The Midland 79-290

The Midland 79-290 is the smallest sideband mobile available today. It measures only 2″ high by 6.25″ wide by 7″ deep. The small size combined with the detachable face makes it possible to safely mount it permanently in many vehicles. This is a new generation of CB radio designed and manufactured in Korea. Instead of […]

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Dragon Super Heavy-Duty SO-239 Stud

With the newer heavier antennas on the market today, the old standard antenna stud mount may not be up to the job. Standard antenna mirror mounts come equipped with a standard chrome plated brass stud mount. Brass is fine for the standard fiberglass whip antennas, but its a soft metal and the threads can strip […]

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