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CBWI August 2001 CB Radio Operator Busted

Just in case you think the FCC doesn’t enforce the law on illegal CB operation, just read on and note the date. It’s true Uncle Charlie is under-staffed. Nevertheless, don’t talk yourself into believing you’re immune to their scrutiny.  If they receive enough complaints or you’re transmissions are interfering with commercial service, they’ll come after […]

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CBWI August 1996 Review Of The CHIPSWITCH©

Shortly after the introduction of the HR2510 there were many hackers coming up with modifications for this radio. Split frequency operation was essential for the 10 meter FM repeater crowd.  It was also considered an advantage for operators who try to communicate semi privately. One party would talk on one channel and listen on another […]

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CBWI November 1996 Santa's Best CB Gift List

The holiday season is here again. It came quickly didn’t it? If you’re like me you haven’t started your shopping and probably won’t until the last minute. Buying for someone with a hobby sometimes makes it easier. At least it narrows the possibilities. It’s even easier if you’re buying your own gift.Well, Santa’s going to give […]

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