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RCI 6900F TB Photo Gallery by Bob F

The RCI-6900F TB Front Angle View The RCI-6900F TB Front Panel With Oversize Heatsink Fins The RCI-6900F TB Side View The RCI-6900F TB Rear Panel The RCI-6900F TB Bottom Cover Off With View Of Power Amp Shield The RCI-6900F TB Power Amplifier With Negative Feedback Components Labeled The RCI-6900F TB Echo Board With Shield Removed […]

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CBWI October 1996 Increasing Interest In CB Rumored

In brief, the article covered how other radio services have changed technologically to better utilize the available spectrum and minimize crowding. Meanwhile CB hasn’t seen any improvements since the inception of Single Sideband. Bill points out his monitoring has verified that the need for improved technology is essential “because 11 Meter CB is growing again.” […]

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