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Cobra’s 29 NW Classic Mobile CB

Cobra’s latest 29 radio has all but one of the features of the original Cobra 29 LTD. The missing control is the Delta Tune knob. This was a functional feature back in the 23 channel crystal controlled radio days.  The older radios didn’t meet the tighter frequency tolerances required of today’s CB radios. They also […]

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RF Limited EC-2018XTR Xtreme Echo Mic

This is the latest echo mic from RF Limited. As the name suggests, it’s turbo echo to the extreme! In addition to the features of the EC-2018 Turbo, it has Cyborg™ Robotic Voice, which is another name for Alien Voice™, Endless Echo™, Stadium Sound™, Double Talker™, and a richer tone quality that can be best […]

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