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RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo™ Echo Mic

The most common wiring available is the 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy/Uniden, although it can be wired to any radio on the market today. I’ve even tried one on a Tram D201 tube rig. It sounded outstanding. I’ve also used one with a Magnum Delta Force, setting the mic and the radio internal turbo echo to different settings […]

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Maverick A24 Technical Bulletin

Echo Circuit Clock Noise This modification will eliminate any clock noise, or transmit oscillation, that may occur while using the echo circuit in the Maverick A24 transceiver.1.Disconnect the transceiver from the power source.2.Remove speaker side cabinet.3.Unscrew the echo board from the side chassis of the transceiver.4.Locate Q602 on the echo board -Q601 is an empty location […]

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Citizens Radio Network (CRN) Proposal

Recent events have reminded us of how fragile our communications infrastructure really is. While we have a very technologically advanced society, the complex nature of it causes it to be prone to catastrophic failure. In the event of a breakdown of our systems – whether it is localized or nationwide – an alternative solution needs […]

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Help Get The Word Out

Thank you for reading CB World Informer. I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you did, it would be appreciated very much if you would help get the word out about the newsletter. This publication takes a great deal of time to produce. To keep it going the readership must be high. This can be […]

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