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How Far Can CB Radios Reach? A Must know

People owning a CB radio often have one very common question. That is, how far will the signals of their CB radio actually reach? Well, although it sounds like a very straightforward question, the answer is a bit complicated. There are a few variables that determine the range of a CB radio. The most important factor […]

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Do You Need a License for a CB Radio?

Are you in need of a CB radio but not sure if you need a license or not? Well, here we are gonna clear all your confusion regarding CB radio license. Now, the rules regarding usage of CB radio are covered under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules. You do not need a license to use […]

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How to Increase Watts in a CB Radio?

If you own a CB radio, it is very likely that you are having issues with increasing its range and power. Don’t worry because it is a very common issue and we are going to show you how to increase watts in a CB radio for better sound quality. Let’s get started!  What Is a CB Radio?Now, […]

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How to Peak and Tune a CB Radio?

A CB radio is basically a radio system that enables you to communicate with other CB radio holders by transmitting signals via the Amplitude Modulation (AM) mechanism. You can use a CB radio for short distances and establish bi-directional radio communications. In that case, you may use a 4-watt transmitter, which usually can cover up to […]

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How to Mount a CB Antenna in a Truck Bed?

Mounting a CB antenna in your vehicle may seem a difficult process but it’s not that difficult. It is only a bit tricky, if you’re not getting the right kind of instructions. There may be various models of CB radio and antenna available in the market but when it comes to mounting the antenna properly, the […]

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How to Use SSB on a CB Radio?

CB Radios are used as communication devices where two people can talk to each other via a private channel. People generally use a CB radio when all the other modes of communication are cut off. Think of an apocalypse. Will you be able to use SNS to call up your loved ones? Chances are small (Or […]

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