Best CB External Speakers

7 Best CB External Speakers
7 Best CB External Speakers

It seems the rain is getting rebellious with every passing minute. The drops of water are hitting your windshield so hard as if they’ve sworn to break it into pieces. As a new headache, suddenly, the engine decided to give up on you. Damn! What are you going to do now? Why don’t you try the radio and call for help?

But what’s this? The hard-hitting sound of the rain is not letting you hear your radio’s sound. It looks like you wish you would’ve taken the advice of installing the best CB external speaker more seriously. After all, that’s what could’ve penetrated the noise and gotten you a clear sound.

Well, it’s better late than never. Don’t worry, and we’ve got your back this time. We bet you’ll meet your next best CB speaker within just a few minutes until we reach the end. Just hang in there!

Leaving you clueless in the market will get you nowhere but the jungle of confusion. So, to save you from that hassle, we’ve chosen 7 CB speakers for you. They’ve all proved themselves in every possible way to be the best. Now, it’s your time to pick your one up.

RoadPro RPSP-15

Do you need to shut down everything just to listen to that teeny-tiny sound of your CB radio? If you do, then don’t say anything because we know exactly how you feel. That’s why we’ve put the RPSP-15 CB external speaker from RoadPro to shatter that irritation of yours into pieces.

But why it’s in the first place on our list?

Well, it all starts with its superb sound quality. Isn’t it what you’re looking for? So far, you’ve struggled to get the sound of your radio to your ears. But the RPSP-15, with its intense sound quality, will get you nothing more than a clear sound as if the person is sitting right there by your side.

Wait for a second! Are you thinking about the installation? Then why do you think the swivel bracket is there? That’ll make this 5-watt speaker fit perfectly without giving you a headache on the installation part.

A share of appreciation for that goes to the Standard 3.5 mm Plug with its 8′ cord. As a cherry on top, its 2-3/4 x 4-1/2 compact dimension won’t eat up much of a space in your ride. With this size, it’ll be there, will do its job, and you won’t even feel if it’s there or not.

That’s not the only aspect of it to be impressed by this sound tech. Put the external features on the list, too. If you focus on the outer part, the first thing that’ll grasp your attention is the sturdy construction. Especially the metal mesh grill on it has pushed the durability to a greater extent.

What if you need to put it somewhere other than your CB radio?

Well, then, here’s good news. You can use it on your amateur or two-way radios, too. Even for police scanners, this 0.55-ounce Black Canary surely will be a perfect fit.


  • Superb sound quality and clarity
  • Highly convenient to install
  • Compact size doesn’t take much of a space
  • Compatible to other radios as well
  • Weighs less than the competitors


  • The connector quality could’ve been better

Cobra HG S500

If those dumb plastic pieces with the name ‘speaker’ aren’t satisfying enough, then the HG S500 from Cobra is perhaps what you’re looking for. This CB speaker has pushed itself ahead in the battle of the title’s best external speaker for CB radio with tons of impressive features.

Are you craving for a bit more powerful tech than your last one? Then get ready to be amazed by its excellent and crystal clear sound quality, unlike any other speakers you’ve encountered so far. Thanks to the Noise Canceling Filter for getting rid of every bit of distortion on the received audio.

But the best is yet to arrive. It’s the gigantic 5.5 oz. Magnet I’m talking about which has given it a powerful sound like a boom tube.

Like the cream on the pastry, the variable talk-back control has made it score over the boundaries. This feature will let you hear all your transmissions, just like instant voice cross-check.

Now, let’s have a glance over its rugged construction. You’re going to use it in your ride.

So, it’s quite apparent that you need it to have a structure that can keep up with all the shocks on the way. But don’t worry, Cobra has dealt with it entirely with the shock-resistant construction and metal mesh grill and earpiece jack.

Wait a minute! There’s more to come. This powerhouse, with the power handling capability of 15 watts, can overtake all those speakers you see around.

In the question of dimension, Cobra has made it ideal from that aspect, too, with a size of 3.3 x 5.3 x 5.6 inches. So, there’s no way to lose much of your space over here.


  • Ensures amazingly loud sound quality
  • Comes with a noise cancellation system
  • Has excellent power handling capability
  • The construction is resistant to shock
  • Comes with an ideal size


  • Don’t have a volume control on the speaker

Midland 21-406

If CB speakers are nothing new to you, then it’s quite hard that you haven’t seen the name ‘Midland’ in between. In the race of reliability, they’ve always made their place among the toppers. To keep that position intact, they’ve brought something incredible again, and it’s none other than their 21-406 CB speaker.

When you’re looking for a speaker for your CB radio to have the perfect sound, the 21-406 can get yours there effortlessly. Thanks to its excellent sound quality, it keeps the incoming transmissions clear and crisp like you’ve never heard before.

Just because you’re looking for a speaker doesn’t mean you need to tag that right on your dashboard. This way, the loud wave isn’t going to spare you the ear-piercing feeling.

But the 21-460 comes with a 70″ cord and swiveling mounting bracket that will allow you to put it anywhere where the loud sound won’t even hurt your ears. And the connection? Well, with the 3.5mm plug, it should be easy as pie.

By the way, are you worried about the power rating? Then just lean back and relax. The 20-watt capacity of this will get you nothing but the most incredible performance ever. As a bonus, it comes with a super easy installation process and stable connectivity.

One of the best things about Midland is its fantastic sense of product construction, and they’ve shown it through this speaker as well. They’ve given it the robust and durable plastic construction that’ll make it sustainable forever. So, if you’re planning to bring it in, then forget to get rid of it any sooner.


  • Comes with a sturdy construction
  • Maintains a crisp sound quality
  • The long cord allows to put it a distance
  • Has a highly convenient installation process
  • Keeps the connection with the radio stable


  • Not the cheapest one in the market


It’s been said that smaller chilies are spicier than the bigger ones. But didn’t know that it was real for CB external speakers as well, especially for the TRD550 of VECTORCOM. Otherwise, how can something of that size spit out that much sound?

Well, as we’ve started with the sound, let’s focus on the excellent sound quality TRD550 is offering. If you’re looking for a speaker that can hit far distance with amplified sound, then TRD550 is definitely a better catch there. With this speaker, you can expect nothing but a better radio experience with every passing day.

What is the next thing you focus on right after the sound quality? Precisely, the design. Interestingly, this piece comes with a praiseworthy design as well. With a compact and simple design, you’ll find it super convenient to operate. Thanks to its 270g weight which has made it an example of portable efficiency.

No, we haven’t forgotten about the power. There’s no way to underestimate this piece, especially when it has 5 Watts of power and 8 Ohm impedance. The credit for it performing so wonderfully to a vast extent goes to its power level indeed.

With its 6 ft. cord and 3.5mm plug, you’ll get a flawless connection for the whole time. By the way, CB radio is not the only place where you can utilize this amazing tech to the fullest. It can keep up with transceivers, scanners, and ham radio as well.


  • Its amplified sound covers a higher distance
  • Comes with superb sound quality
  • Highly convenient from the aspect portability
  • Compatible to a variety of devices
  • Comes with sufficient power


  • Slight distortion has been noticed on high volume

Barjan 36016

Maybe you can compromise on the sound level not being too high, but the clarity? Can you do the same for that? We don’t think so. But the next one on our list isn’t going to allow you to compromise on any of the aspects we’ve mentioned above. Yes, it’s the 36016 Diesel CB external speaker from Barjan.

Nothing can piss you off more when you’re in a moment of urgency, but the transmission sound you’re getting is nothing but a pile of noise. Barjan understood that completely. That’s why they’ve ensured that sound clarity is just the way you would’ve got from the best-sounding CB external speaker.

And the answer to your question on the maximum power? Thanks to its 6W power output backed by the 8 Ohm impedance for rendering nothing but powerful performance. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to weigh a ton. Barjan has made it one of the lightest speakers on the market, with a weight of 362g only.

The installation has always been a nightmare for lots of gadget users. But it seems Barjan didn’t let that happen on the 36016.  Its simple ‘plug & play’ design has made it one of the CB speakers with the most effortless installation. But what if you need it on the back of your ride? Well, you’ve got a 6′ cord to deal on that part.

Are we forgetting something to tell you? Oh! Yes, the size. You might be assuming how much space this piece eat up in a vehicle. Then there’s the good news. It comes with a size of 5.5″ x 3″ x 1.25″ only. This means you’re free to put it anywhere within, and still, it won’t create any odd view in your ride.


  • Ensures a loud and clear sound
  • The installation process is highly convenient
  • Doesn’t take much of a space
  • Too easy to use
  • Comes with a long cord


  • Not the cheaper than all of its competitors

Astatic 302-VS4

Some people look for speakers but, finally, end up buying a house of noise with the shape of a speaker. We don’t think you’re planning to get something like that.

So we’ve thought to suggest you something that can fill that gap in your CB external speaker. Yes, it’s the 302-VS4 from Astatic we’re talking about.

The first thing Astatic took care of in this speaker is the sound quality. They’ve pushed its noise cancellation technology to an extent where you’ll get a crystal clear sound even on the noisiest road. Its superb sound quality is also the same feature that has taken this portable piece ahead in the race for the bests.

Astatic speaker deserves a round of applause once again for building this 5-watt portable piece with high-quality materials. So, if you have any questions about its durability, the quality metal, strong plastic, and mesh grill should be enough as an answer.

Are you bored with your previous speaker’s position? Then, the swivel bracket on this compact-sized speaker will undoubtedly look like an answer to your prayer. You can fix it up anywhere in your ride, just as you want. But the best part is yet to come – “the installation.”

You won’t even need a mechanic as you can do it all by yourself. With the 10′ Power Cord and 3. 5mm Mini Plug, you can set it easily, just like warming up a cup of tea.


  • Comes with noise cancellation technology
  • Doesn’t let the sound get distorted
  • Has a super easy install process
  • Durable construction makes it last long
  • Comes with a compact size


  • Could’ve been a little louder

Uniden Bearcat 7

Do you know about the difference between an investment and a waste?

Well, it’s nothing but one wrong choice. But the question is, do you want your money spent for a CB external speaker to be an investment or a waste? If your answer is the first one, then Bearcat 7 from Uniden is perhaps what you should grab right now.

Don’t be a fool on its smaller size. Within this little body, it’s holding enough power to get you a louder sound of your received transmissions.

And the sound clarity? You won’t even feel if you’re using a radio to talk or talking face to face.

Are you a fan of simplicity, too? Then you’re surely going to love this 7-watt speaker. With the elegant black color, this speaker can blend into the interior of any vehicle. To get you an extra edge of ease, it comes with a size of 3.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

So, you can put it anywhere, and no one will even notice.

If we start talking about the design, the construction part automatically jumps in. After all, it needs to survive the bumps and jumps of your ride, too, right?

Thanks to its durable, rugged design that can take any external harshness, you’ll put it through. Once install it, which is super easy, it can run as long as you need to.

But that’s not the best part of Bearcat 7. You won’t have to plug this one in to get it powered to be in action. Once you plug it into the scanner or radio, it’ll get powered by that device. By the way, you’re free to use it on any CBs, scanners, or receivers. It’s all on you.


  • Renders a constant and powerful performance
  • Keeps the sound clear as a day
  • Compatible to different devices
  • Don’t need any extra power source
  • Comes with a higher durability level


  • For some users, it might be too small

Benefits of CB External Speaker

CB External Speaker

As you’ve made up your mind to invest some bucks on CB external speaker, so we’re guessing you’re waiting to get something back in return. But what exactly you’re going to get here? Let’s find out then.

Better Sound Quality

We all know that CB radios often don’t come with a great speaker. But does it mean you’ll have to always stick your ear to it? Not if you’ve got a CB external speaker tagged to that. The sound will be crystal clear without you putting any effort into listening.

Sturdy Construction

CB speakers are meant to accompany you on your ride, and the road isn’t going to be smooth as butter all the time. So, they’re made with sturdy construction with minimal chance of falling off, even if your ride is jumping like a rabbit.

Less Expensive

You might’ve seen speakers so far that you can break the bank when you try to swipe your card to grab one. But things aren’t the same for CB speakers. Even if you take the best external speaker for CB radio, it won’t make you lose much of your cash.

Things to Consider Before Buying CB External Speakers

CB External Speaker

A CB speaker is not a piece of potato that you can grab from the store just like that. Here, a blind purchase will lead you nowhere but to wasting some more money. So, you better keep your eye open and check out if it has the following aspects, or It’s not in order to get you an excellent sound.

Sound Quality

Is there any meaning of getting a CB external speaker if it can’t even maintain a decent sound level? Your answer is no, I guess. The first and most vital aspect that you must look into is the sound quality. Any speaker that’ll give you a noisy sound can be anything but not the best CB radio external speaker.

Ideal Power Rating

You’ve already seen speakers with a wide variety of power ratings. But which one to choose? The answer depends on how much power you need in your speaker. But even if you need a speaker with the lowest power, don’t pick one that can’t deliver at least 5-watt power. Otherwise, it’ll get challenging to have a clear sound.


If anything that can make a CB speaker durable enough, then it’s nothing but the material. You’ll get to see speakers with different materials. Most of them are made of plastic or metal.

Though metal ones are the more durable, that doesn’t mean the plastic ones won’t do any good. Some of them are made of high-quality plastic that can literally sustain any external hazards. So, when you check out the material, pick the one that is made of metal or made with solid plastic.


The bigger, the better – forget this line when you’re looking for a CB external speaker. You’re looking for a speaker for your radio, not your next metal concert. So, keep it compact and efficient. This way, you’ll get to save some space as well.

Noise Cancellation

Noise has always been one of the worst enemies of radio transmissions. If you agree on that as well, then try to get one that comes with the feature of noise cancellation.

Ease on Installation

If you don’t have all the time in the world to waste, then get a speaker that won’t cause you much of a hazard while installing. Check out if it has a swivel bracket or not if you want to install it more easily.

Talk-back Feature

Do you often feel confused if the message you’re sending is transmitting correctly or not? Then, look for the talk-back feature in your next CB speaker. This is also the best way to check if your radio is working appropriately or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it become essential to get a CB external speaker?

Almost all the CB radios come with a built-in speaker. But unfortunately, not all of them can give you a clear sound. In such circumstances, the best way to hear the transmissions clearly is by using a CB external speaker. So, when you feel like your radio speaker is doing no good, then it’s time to get a CB speaker.

What is the ideal jack size for CB external speakers?

3.5 mm is considered the ideal jack size for CB speakers.

Are the smaller CB speakers poor in sound quality?

Size matters in many techs, but the scenario is different for CB external speakers. It depends mostly on the power and features of how good it will be with the sound.

u003cstrongu003eDo CB speakers need a battery or a separate power source?u003c/strongu003e

CB Speakers do not need a battery or separate power source to run. They run on the power of your radio, and that’s enough for them.

Is mechanical help required to install a CB speaker?

It all depends on you. But they often come with a DIY feature. So, installing the speaker without a mechanic shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Words

If you’re using a CB radio with your dull radio-speaker, then we’re guessing you’ve already been through your share of pain on that part. So, if anyone can understand that necessity of the best CB external speaker, then it’s none but you.

All we’ve tried is to lead you to the one that can make it all easy for you once again. But we believe that you’ve already got your one here. All you need now is just to bring it in.