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How to Set up a CB Radio in a Car?

A CB radio is a very handy tool for two-way communication over short distances. While many people set up their radio in their house, it is much more convenient to set up the radio in your car. This will allow you to be able to communicate with many different people in many different areas, and it […]

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How to Set up and Install a CB Radio?

Since you are here, we can already tell that you are fascinated by these cool-looking devices from the times of our grandparents. So you’ve got the best CB radio on the market, but do you know how to set it up? Well, today is your lucky day again, because we, here, are ready to guide you […]

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How to Stop CB Radio Interference?

One of the problems of communication with these radios is that there is a lot of static interference. This happens when the radio antenna cannot pick up the frequencies clear and sharp. So, it’s important that you buy a device after reading the CB radio reviews. There are many ways in which this interference can be […]

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Is CB Radio Dead? What’s The Actual Truth?

In this era of advanced technology where new discoveries are being churned out daily, CB (Citizens Band) radios may seem like something obsolete from a bygone time. Everything we need is only a few taps away on a smartphone, be it food, conversation, transportation, and traffic information, or education. So, are CB radios completely dead to the […]

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How Far Can CB Radios Reach? A Must know

People owning a CB radio often have one very common question. That is, how far will the signals of their CB radio actually reach? Well, although it sounds like a very straightforward question, the answer is a bit complicated. There are a few variables that determine the range of a CB radio. The most important factor […]

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