RCI 2950DX Expansion And Clarifier Modification

The RCI 2950DX is capable of covering 24.0000 MHz to 32.0000 MHz with the addition of a small circuit board provided by an undisclosed third party. It must be mentioned that radios from some Ham Radio only dealers cannot be converted. The prices are lower on these radios, be careful, you may be buying something you don't want. The conversion key board plugs into the front panel board or in some earlier radios into a flying lead header connector. That's it.

The clarifier is quite simple also. Remove D63 located near VR8 TX Frequency pot. At J28 cut the black wire close to the connector and solder it to point marked 8V on J29. See photos below.

D63 Location


D63 Removed And Black Wire Cut


Black Wire Connection

Removing D63 disconnects the TX Frequency potentiometer from the clarifier circuit. Cutting the black wire removes the receiver 8 volts from the clarifier potentiometer. And connecting the black wire to J29 8V applies 8 volts constant to the clarifier potentiometer.

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