RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo™ Echo Mic The RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo™ echo mic is the first echo mic with digital echo. It is also the first with both echo delay and echo volume controls on the outside of the mic. In addition, RF limited was the first to incorporate talkback in their echo mics. RF Limited has always been innovative with their products. They have spent time and money in developing products that the end user is looking for and this is also the reason they have the most copied products in the CB and Amateur radio market. Somehow though, the copies aren't as good. The copycats clone the packaging, but where it can't be seen, they cheapen it. If a RF Limited mic was side by side with one of its copies, you would immediately find the tone quality of the copy to be muddy sounding while the RF Limited mic would be clear and crisp sounding. Muffled modulation won't cut through all the garbage out there on the air, you get what you pay for. The EC-2018 Turbo runs off of a 9 volt battery. I strongly recommend an alkaline type or if even longer life is desired, pick up a Radio Shack 9 volt lithium battery. Their slogan for this mic is "The Next Generation of Echo Microphones". Also two new sounds were generated from this mic. First is the Alien Voice™ sound effect. This is a metallic sound to the modulation when the echo delay is set to minimum and the echo volume is set to maximum. This is much more understandable than the Galaxy Robot Voice. Second is the Whammy™ sound effect. This is generated by setting the echo volume to maximum and the echo delay about mid way and changing the delay as the echo is repeated. The audio quality of this echo mic is still the best of all the echo mics on the market. With or without effects the audio is great. And for a power mic, the background noise isn't too bad. The echo delay at maximum will repeat about three words six or seven times before completely fading out. With the delay stretched out that long, the reproduction becomes distorted but still understandable. With the delay at a normal setting, the audio reproduction is very clear and natural. Check the samples below.
RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo™ Echo Mic Reverb Repeat Echo Alien Voice™ Echo Long Repeat Echo Whammy Effect™ No Effect
The most common wiring available is the 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy/Uniden, although it can be wired to any radio on the market today. I've even tried one on a Tram D201 tube rig. It sounded outstanding. I've also used one with a Magnum Delta Force, setting the mic and the radio internal turbo echo to different settings in order to create a different sound effect with, great results. The mic is so clean it works well in conjunction with other echo boards. They are available from Bob's CB & Wireless for $49.95. http://bobscb.com 
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EC-2018 Xtreme™ Wire Color Code
Wire Color
Wire Function
PTT Common
-25dB @ 1 KHz (at maximum output and minimum echo)
1 K Ohm
Frequency Response
150 - 3 KHz
Echo Frequency Response
200 - 3 KHz
Echo Time
60 ms Maximum
Maximum Battery
9 Volt Preferably Alkaline
Internal Noise
0.5mV or Less
Microphone Element
ECM Type
EC-2018 Turbo Front With Battery Ind. LED
EC-2018 Rear Cover Adjustments
EC-2018 Turbo Front With Battery Ind. LED EC-2018 Rear Cover Adjustments
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Specifications
The EC-2018 Has A Very Flexible 3 Meter Coiled Cord
The EC-2018 Has A Very Flexible 3 Meter Coiled Cord
Bob F EchoMax 2000™ and Slapback™ are trademarks of Astatic Corporation. All other trademarks listed are trademarks of RF Limited.
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RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo Echo Mic