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United We Stand Plaque Sneak Preview: The New Maverick A24 Maverick A24 Conversion Barjan Buys Francis Antenna CB'er Busted Solarcon I-Max 2000 CAUTION: Don't Burn Out That Radio! Dragon Super Heavy Duty SO-239 Stud Maverick A24 Front Panel Controls Inside The Magnum Maverick A24 Wilson Antenna, 1 Year After Barjan Buyout Astatic's MobileMax™ False Performance Claims Magnum's Filtered Power Cord CBWI...Give Us Your Opinion
CBWI...Give Us Your Opinion After two web issues, you should have formed an opinion about the CB World Informer publication. So far this has been a one man project except for one article. Two other radio operators, whom I have great respect for, have been approached as potential authors. I sincerely hope they will be contributing to this newsletter soon. As a one person operation, it can be difficult to produce information that's of interest to the majority of readers all the time. With the help of the internet, this can be an interactive publication. That's why these surveys are included in some of the articles. Reader opinions, thoughts and experiences are important to share.
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CBWI...Give Us Your Opinion