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Service Available Many of you already know that I had a retail store for many years. I have also been working on CB radios for 30 years. It started as a hobby that kept me interested more than any other. CB got me interested in electronics. I have worked for a number of electronics companies. Holding positions from assembly, test, trouble shooter, supervisory, management, purchasing, engineering and others, I have had a broad exposure to the electronics industry. On my own I have done contract assembly, electro mechanical design, computer modification/service, CB service including being the only warranty service station, other than the factory, for Clear Channel Corps AR-3300 and AR-3500 and manufacturing the SP-la speech processor. What I enjoy the most is radio repair. To hear someone get praise for the sound of their station and to know you did the work gives you a great feeling of pride. Of coarse it can go the other way. Hearing someone get criticized for how horrible they sound will make you cringe. Keeping this in mind, I repair and tune every radio as if it were my own. ©CBWI  If you want something done to your equipment give me a call. I charge $25.00 for AM and $30.00 for AM/SSB transmitter/receiver tune up. Speech processor installation is $35.00. Turn around is 1 to 5 days. Call 1-800-473-9708.
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