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TRANSMITTER Frequency Range:           28.0000 - 29.9999 MHz Tuning Steps:           100 Hz, 1 KHz, 10 KHz, 100 KHz, 1 MHz Emission Types:           LSB, USB (A3J), CW (Al), AM (A3), FM (F3) Carrier Suppression:           better than 40 dB below peak output Unwanted Sideband Suppression:           better than 50 dB below peak output (1 KHz tone) Spurious Radiation:           better than 50dB below peak output Audio Response:           better than 30 dB below peak output Frequency Accuracy:           better than + 10 ppm from 0 - 40 degrees C           after 15 minute warm up Modulation Type:           A3J: Balanced Modulator           A3: Voltage Modulator           F3: Frequency Modulator Maximum FM Deviation:           ±1.5 KHz Output Impedance:           50 ohms (nominal), unbalanced Microphone Impedance:           low (500 to 600 ohms) POWER CONSUMPTION:           30Watt 6 Amps           100Watt 25 Amps POWER OUTPUT:           30W Model CW 30Watts SSB 25Watts PEP           AM 8Watts FM 8Watts RMS           100W Model CW 150Watts SSB 120Watts PEP           AM 30Watts FM 30Watts RMS
RECEIVER Frequency Range:           28.0000 - 29.9999 MHz Circuit Type:           Superheterodyne, dual conversion Clarifier Range:           ±500 Hz Sensitivity:           (CW, SSB and AM figures measured for           10 dB S + N/N)           SSB, CW better than 0.3 uV           FM better than 0.5 uV for 12 dB SINAD Intermediate Frequencies:           lst IF 10.695 MHz           2nd IF 455KHz           SSB, CW IF 10.695 MHz Image Rejection:           better than 70 dB IF Rejection:           better than 80 dB for all frequencies Selectivity:           SSB, CW-           AM, FM Noise Blanker:           Switchable six stage high gain type Dynamic Range:           better than 100 dB Audio Output Power:           2 watts minimum (into 8 ohms, with less than           10% THD) Audio Output Impedance:           8-16 ohms POWER CONSUMPTION:           500 Milliamps DIMENSIONS:           30Watt  2-3/9' H x  7-3/4:' W x 11' L           WT: 3 LB           100Watt -23/8" H-7314' W-13' L           WT: 5 LB
CLEAR CHANNEL CORPORATION  P.O. Box 445 Issaquah, WA 98027 (206) 392-0419 Facsimile (206) 392-0419 Telex 329 473 BURGESS SEA
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AR-3500 Specifications